The Most Gorgeous Tarot Decks You Can Buy on Amazon

If you’re looking for a new tarot deck, you might not immediately think of Amazon as the place to find a beautiful and unique deck, but we’re here to convince you otherwise. It’s important to feel connected personally to the deck you choose—your tarot deck is yours, so it should speak to your personality. There are many tarot decks to choose from, but we’ve gathered up some of the most gorgeous tarot decks you can buy on Amazon.

Mystic Monday (click here

The Mystic Mondays tarot deck is the perfect deck for someone who loves modernism and minimalism. Just because the use of tarot decks stretches back centuries doesn’t mean the style of the deck has to. If you love sleek and bold imagery, this deck will capture your heart.

Modern Witch (click here

If you want to find yourself an updated tarot deck that pushes past the traditional appearance without going so far off as to look completely different, the Modern Witch tarot deck is for you. This beautiful deck features fresh interpretations of the traditional tarot imagery that offers a cute update by including all-female figures who look like they could be our friends, hence the deck’s name, Modern Witch.

John Bauer (click here

If you don’t care for modern twists on your tarot deck but want something beautiful and unique, the John Bauer tarot deck is what you’re looking for. This deck features the mystical artwork from a Swedish artist from the early twentieth century, John Bauer. The only problem with this tarot deck is how the art featured on each card might distract you with its beauty.

Soulong (click here

The Soulong tarot deck is a perfect mixture of beautiful art, traditional imagery, and a slightly minimalistic and design-forward approach. This deck is truly unique and might just be the fresh life you’re looking for in a tarot deck.

Hermetic Tarot (click here)

The Hermetic Tarot has a wonderfully weird and beautiful style any person who is particularly interested in the astrological aspect of tarot will appreciate. The images featured on each card are black and white line drawings of incredible intricacy. This deck will leave a memorable impression on anyone who sees it.

If you’re seeking new tarot decks but want something beautiful, these decks on Amazon may just become your new favorite.

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