Social Media Accounts That Will Have You Cracking Up Every Day

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Social media tends to get a bad rep. But it’s not all bad. There are plenty of hilarious accounts designed to make you laugh and feel good. Below are some of our favorite social media accounts that should have you cracking up every day.

Kevin James Thornton

Instagram: @kevinjamesthornton

TikTok: @kevingjamesthornton

Kevin James Thorton is a standup comedian who jokes about his upbringing and early adulthood through the ’80s and ’90s while using autotune.

Chrissy Allen

Instagram: @csapunch

TikTok: @csapunch

Chrissy Allen is a dentist and influencer who describes herself as a “geriatric millennial.” Her content includes comparing different generations, throwbacks to the ’90s and early 2000s, bringing back nostalgic memories, or simply discussing what it was like to grow up as a millennial.

Pasha Grozdov

Instagram: @pashagrozdov

TikTok: @pasha

Content creator Pasha Grozdov’s posts often include his “no one” x “me” format. He roasts different types of people, like those who visit major cities and act a certain way or those born in specific years that represent certain stereotypes – all in good fun, of course.

Jenny Solares

Instagram: @es_jenny_solares

TikTok: es_jenny_solares

Jenny Solares is a Latina content creator originally from SoCal that was raised in Arizona and channels her upbringing in many of her posts. Not only is Jenny able to make food, movies, family, and beauty funny, but she’s also a great singer. We guarantee she will quickly have you cracking up.

Sarai Soto

Instagram: @saraimariee_

TikTok: @saraisthreads

Sarai Soto is a content creator who pokes fun at the workplace environment and quiet quitting. She has created multiple characters to play out different scenarios and office interactions. Who hasn’t had a job where their boss asks more than they should of you and show no appreciation?

What are some of your favorite funny social media accounts? Share them with us in the comments below!

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