Sipping Liquors for Every Alcohol Preference

Whether your cocktail preferences range from tall and strong to sweet and fruity, we can all agree on how enjoyable it is to sip a beverage straight or on the rocks. If you’re new to the sipping game, it can be difficult to discern the best liquors for your taste buds. To help get you started and find your ideal choice, here are some commonly well-reviewed sipping liquors for every alcohol preference.

Rum – Appleton Estates (shop here)

When it comes to Appleton Estates rum, you truly can’t go wrong – and it’s the Signature Blend that keeps rum drinkers coming back for more. The distillery is located in Jamaica, where each rum is blended and bottled with care, so much so that you can taste it in every sip.

The Signature Blend takes you on a smooth caramel-flavored ride you’re going to want to stay on. Keep in mind this rum certainly serves up some heat, so don’t be too surprised by the dry finish. You’ll undoubtedly feel the sweet caramel lingering long after you set down the glass.

Whiskey – Jameson Cold Brew (shop here)

New whiskey drinkers on their sipping journey can feel confident in this choice, especially if you enjoy the taste of coffee. Jameson Cold Brew combines the best elements of Jameson Whiskey with undeniable coffee bean perfection, for a drink best served cold and neat.

This whiskey will immediately overwhelm your nostrils with coffee bean aromatics, though stronger sniffers will likely also detect sweeter elements such as chocolate and vanilla. The taste itself is best described as smooth, offering a hearty combination of sweetness and spice. Don’t be surprised if that dry finish lingers beyond your last sip.

Vodka – Stoli Elit (shop here)

Vodka may have a reputation as the young adult beverage of choice due to its easy mask-ability in common, fruity drinks, but vodka is also a great tasting liquor, so long as you make the correct selection. This is why Stoli Elit is the perfect entry point.

Stoli Elit has a clean taste, offering elements of citrus with the grainy notes of a great vodka. While sipping vodka isn’t to everyone’s liking, this vodka’s quick finish is easily enjoyable, warming your throat as delicately as it enters.

Gin – The Botanist Islay Dry Gin (shop here)

Much like vodka, gin can be a tough sell when it comes to sipping liquors, but for those that enjoy it, it’s one of the best. In specific, The Botanist Islay Dry Gin is perfect for a stiff martini, but even better when served on its own.

Like most gins, you’ll detect more of an earthy, floral nose, though that pine smell associated with lesser gins is replaced with a milder, sweeter note of juniper. The palate is slightly different in that it pairs a creamy texture with a bit of spice at the finish, leaving you with everything you could want out of a great gin.

Bourbon – Woodford Reserve Double Oaked (shop here)

Lastly, if you’re a bourbon aficionado, or interested in becoming one, look no further than the Woodford Reserve Double Oaked bottle. While many bourbon drinkers enjoy the brand, it’s this selection in this specific blend that has many of them returning, again and again.

This particular bottle features that dark amber color, typically indicative of a good bourbon. It offers a nose that pairs rich sweets, such as chocolate with fruity cherry elements. That sweetness carries through to the taste, which is a combination of caramel and vanilla, and you may even detect notes of cinnamon. It’s the finish of this one that will really do you in, as it’s both long lasting and undeniably smooth.

Enjoying the occasional drink is a luxury that many of us utilize to unwind after a long week, or day, of the daily 9-to-5 grind. As you refine your tastes, you’ll develop a preference for your go-to sipping alcohol, but until then, taste these well-reviewed favorites and make your own determination!

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