Non-Alcoholic Beers That’ll Totally Catch Your Attention This Summer

You may have noticed that non-alcoholic beers are more popular than ever, and brewing companies are cashing in on the trend. But how do you know which ones to try? Here are some of our favorites.

Athletic Brewing Co. Wit’s Peak

We’re starting strong with the king of non-alcoholic beer: Athletic Brewing Co. The company offers several flavors, but our favorite is its wheat beer, Wit’s Peak. Upon first sip, you’ll experience delightful bursts of citrus and coriander. It’s the perfect beer for dinner, poolside, or after a long workday.

BrewDog Hazy AF

Calling all hazy IPA lovers, the BrewDog Hazy AF is here. If you’re looking for something tropical and fruity to drink this summer, you’ve found it! With hints of lemon and grapefruit, it tastes like a traditional hazy – without intoxication.


Freestar is the original zero-percenter. That’s right; it is the first non-alcoholic beer made using a 100% alcohol-free process. The citrusy IPA lager is crafted from all-natural ingredients like malted barley, pomelo, bergamot, and Perle hops.

Guinness 0

We have to mention the classic Guinness 0, which pairs nicely with just about any food, be it steak, pasta, pizza, desserts, or stews! Thankfully, Guinness 0 is made using the same natural ingredients as its alcoholic counterpart – the flavor is so close, it feels like you’re drinking the real thing.


Kick back, relax, and get your daily vitamin intake with So-Beer. Not only are you drinking a delicious non-alcoholic light lager, but you’re also benefiting your health. So-Beer comes in two awesome flavors, classic and grapefruit, each packing a punch with only 30 calories and bringing an exciting new flavor profile somewhere between a beer and a spiked seltzer.

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