Kitchen Makeover Inspiration

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Getting bored with your kitchen? We can relate. The good news is you don’t have to move into a new house just to get a fresh look. Here are some kitchen makeover tips, whether your goal is to increase functionality, refresh style, or breathe new life into your kitchen.

Find Your Style

Before embarking on any kitchen makeover, it’s essential to identify your design style. Are you drawn to modern kitchens? Rustic farmhouses? Something in between? Spend some time looking through design magazines, websites, and social media for inspiration, then create a mood board of colors, textures, and themes that resonate with you. This first step will guide your decision-making throughout your makeover experience.

Refresh With Paint

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Painting walls can be one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to transform your kitchen space, instantly refreshing it while adding your personal style. Choose a hue that complements your desired aesthetic for maximum impact.

Lighter hues may give the illusion of more space, while bold colors can bring out personality. You could also consider painting cabinets, using different shades on the upper and lower cabinets for an eye-catching two-tone look.

Upgrade Your Cabinets

(image via hgtv via robert peterson/rustic white photography)

If your budget allows, consider updating your kitchen cabinets. Replace old, worn-out ones or repaint them in fresh hues. You could also update your look with new hardware, such as handles or knobs.

You may also consider open shelving, which can give any kitchen an updated feel. You can display cookbooks, decorative items, or plants for personalized flair.

Illuminate Your Kitchen

Lighting can significantly affect a room’s ambiance. Consider playing with pendant lights that serve as focal points above kitchen islands or dining areas. Under-cabinet lighting adds a touch of elegance while providing functionality for meal preparation.

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Enhance Your Counters

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Upgrading your countertops can instantly enhance your kitchen’s look and functionality. Quartz, granite, and marble countertops are popular due to their durability and aesthetic appeal. If you’re on a tight budget, consider laminate or butcher-block surfaces as more cost-effective solutions.

Backsplash Brilliance

(image via house beautiful via matthew williams)

A beautifully designed backsplash can make an enormous impactful on the appearance of a kitchen. Subway tiles are timeless, adaptable options that fit well in various settings. For a modern touch, try mosaic or patterned designs. This space offers the chance to introduce color or texture that ties the whole kitchen together.

Add a Pop of Color

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Injecting color into your kitchen can bring it new life and energy. Consider adding vibrant accents through accessories like curtains, dishware, rugs, or appliances. They can easily be switched out later to keep up with evolving trends or your preferences!

Create a Cozy Dining Nook

(image via house beautiful via tasmin johnson)

If your kitchen has extra space, why not create a dining nook? Installing a built-in bench adorned with comfortable cushions can create an ideal setting for family meals and cozy conversations while adding warmth to the room.

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