Keep Your Furry Friends Cool and Happy: Summer Pet Care Tips

The scorching heat isn’t just uncomfortable for us – it also causes discomfort for the furry family members! Here are some tips and products to keep your fur babies calm, cool, and collected during those summer heat waves.

Pet Cooling Gear

(image via pups dream)

When fans and open windows aren’t enough, cooling gear can go a long way to regulating your four-legged friend’s temperature and preventing overheating. One option is a cooling mat or blanket, such as the Pups Dream PetCool V.3 Pet Cooling Mat (starting at $58.95, shop here), which is a perfect resting spot for cats and dogs during the day. Another option is a cooling vest like the Canada Pooch Cooling Dog Vest (starting at $34.99, shop here), designed to keep your pet cool even in the hottest weather.

Icy Treats

(image via vegetarian mamma)

On a hot day, nothing beats a refreshing frozen treat! We found some cat recipes your kitty will devour and dog recipes your pup will love. If you are on the go and can’t make pupsicles or cat pops from scratch, you can also purchase Inaba Churu Pops ($26.94, shop here) or Woof Pupsicle Starter Pack ($55, shop here).

Portable Water Bowl

Even in hot weather, dogs still enjoy outings and exercise. To ensure they stay hydrated, a portable water bowl or bottle is a must. A top option is the refillable Kalimdor Dog Water Bottle ($9.99, shop here) because you can fill it with water before leaving home. Another option is the EveryYay Open-Air Eats Collapsible Bowl ($12.99, shop here), a convenient space-saver.

Water Fountain

(image via pampered pets)

It’s not just our doggy friends who need to stay hydrated; our kitties do, too. Cats prefer fountain water over still water because they instinctively feel still water is unsafe. We think your kitty will love the Pampered Pups CatTap ($59.99, shop here) or the Petlibro Capsule Water Fountain ($31.99, shop here).

Don’t Shave Your Pet

Contrary to popular belief, longer fur doesn’t make pets warmer and more uncomfortable during the summer. In fact, it’s their natural cooling system. Shaving your pet can disrupt this system, making it harder for them to regulate and cool down. Consult your veterinarian or groomer before shaving or trimming your pet’s fur.

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