Going Away for the Weekend? Let’s Help You Pack!

’Tis the season for weekend getaways! Whether you’re taking a road trip, jet-setting to a new city, or simply heading home to spend time with your family, we can help! Here are some of our top picks for your weekend getaway packing list.

Weekender Bag

A mid-size weekender bag is a must for a two or three day vacay. It’s smaller than a duffel bag or suitcase, but just big enough for what you’ll need for, well, the weekend.

Our Pick: NeoPepper Simple Leather Weekender ($178.95, shop here)

Comfy Shoes

This is where those crisp, white sneaks come in! We love that sneakers are in style, comfortable, and add a trendy touch to any outfit. Wear them with midi skirts, jeans, leggings, or whatever ’fit you have planned for the day.

Our Pick: Reebok Classic Leather Shoes ($80, shop here)

Midi Skirt

Midi skirts are the perfect length for any season. They come in endless textures and prints, and you can dress them up just as easily as you can dress them down. So, of course, this is the perfect skirt to throw in your bag for a weekend away.

Our Pick: Floerns Pleated Ruffle Midi Skirt ($28.99, shop here)

Denim Jacket

What did we do before denim jackets became trendy again? An oversized denim jacket adds texture, warmth, and style to any look, whether you’re in leggings and a hoodie or heading out for cocktails in a slip dress.

Our Pick: JudyBridal Oversized Ripped Denim Jacket ($49.99, shop here)

Leggings or Joggers

Leggings or joggers are great for looking stylish yet comfortable when en route to your destination – or those early-morning coffee runs. Try pairing a white tee with leggings with a flannel tied around the waist. Or, go the monochromatic route by pairing a hoodie with the same color joggers.

Our Pick: Leggings Depot Activewear Joggers ($23.99, shop here)

Comfortable Jeans

Denim is so versatile, but we understand that some jeans are way more comfortable than others. For your weekend trip, make sure you pack jeans that are easy to move around in and, most importantly, enjoy a good meal in. We prefer higher-waisted jeans that have a little extra elasticity to them.

Our Pick: Old Navy High-Waisted Rockstar Super-Skinny Jeans ($39.99, shop here)

A Tote That Goes With Everything

When we go away for the weekend, we like to take one bag that is big enough to carry what we need but small enough that it’s not annoying to lug around. Your best option is a neutral color that matches everything else on your packing list.

Our Pick: Kattee Vintage Leather Tote Bag ($87.99, shop here)

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