Get the Christmas Party Started with Games

The holiday season means you’ll probably wind up helping organize a party for family or friends and you’ll want to have a variety of games on hand to make sure the festivities are fun. Keep guests entertained with these games that are suitable for both children and adults. The season offers themes and characters that everybody knows from classic movies and carols. Get ready to make some more memories you’ll share for years to come!

Host a Gift-Wrapping Party

Invite friends, moms and parents to socialize and wrap gifts for the kids when children are at school or you’ve sent them on a play date to another home. Everyone brings a roll of wrapping paper to share along with wrapping tips, bows and holiday stories.

Fast Wrap Challenge

This game is perfect not only for your gift-wrapping party but also for any other holiday get-together. Pair up party attendees into teams of two and see which team can wrap a present the fastest. Each team member can use only one hand to wrap the gift. Provide each team with wrapping paper and a box to wrap that’s the same size for each team. Include tape, bow and ribbon. Each team member places an arm around the waist of their teammate. See which team can work together to wrap the present the best in five minutes or less. The audience then judges best wrapped gift package and awards a prize to the winning team.

Two Lies and a Truth

Ask party attendees to respond to a series of Christmas-themed questions. What’s the worst gift you ever received? What’s your favorite Christmas movie? Each person writes the correct answer as well as two false answers and their name on a slip of paper. Then see if the audience can guess the correct answers. See how many people can pick the lie from the three options.

Who Am I?

Each player draws from a pile of index cards featuring the name of a Christmas-related character and, without looking, sticks it into a headband worn around their head. Identities can range from Santa to Chevy Chase to Scrooge. Everyone asks each other “yes” or “no” questions during the party to find out their identity. The first to guess wins a prize. The last to guess wins a lump of coal.

Jingle Bell Toss

This is great for a children’s party. Just make sure the kids don’t wind up throwing jingle bells at each other! Use regular sized Solo cups and large jingle bells. Set up six to ten cups in bowling pin formation at opposite ends of your table. One player stands at each end of the table, and each takes turns tossing bells towards the opposite side’s cup formation. You get two bells to toss per turn, one at a time. Remove cups as the opposing side gets bells in them. The first player to get a bell in every cup wins.

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