Easy Maintenance Garden Veggies to Consider Planting

Home-grown veggies are delicious, healthy, and chemical-free – unlike the versions offered at your local grocery store.

But growing your own vegetables can seem daunting, especially if you research how much time and effort is put into maintaining a garden.

That’s why we suggest starting light. Don’t choose to plant options that are high maintenance – choose to plant options that are easy-to-maintain. Check out some of our favorites below and see what fits best in your garden.

Cherry Tomatoes 

Cherry tomatoes are the popcorn of veggies, they’re super addictive and easy to snack on throughout the day.

Choose Sun Gold, Jasper, or Sunrise Bumble Bee and get them started right after spring frost has passed. Easy to plant in garden beds or large containers, and can be transplanted into the backyard garden later on. Be sure to have a study stake nearby so that you can latch the vines to it as the plant grows.


Kale is a great beginner vegetable to grow because it can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and it’s pretty great at protecting itself from pests and diseases. A little shade won’t hurt kale and a sprinkle of spring frost will actually be beneficial.

This superfood is packed with vitamins and nutrients, so it’s kind of like a no brainer to start your garden with this amazing option.


Dig a hole, drop a garlic clove into the ground, cover it up, and come back in a year. Water and provide appropriate food and you’re good to go. Animals won’t bother it and disease rarely gets to it. No staking or pruning necessary.

Can someone say easy-peasy lemon-squeezy?

Hot Peppers

If you like a little bit of spice in your life, hot peppers may be the route to take. These easy-to-grow veggies require minimal water and lots and lots of sunshine. In fact, the warmer the growth area, the better.

One fun fact about hot peppers is that you can harvest them whenever you wish. The longer you let them ripen and mature, the hotter they’ll get! So pick ‘em when they’re green or let them transition into a bright orange color. Heck, let them get super red and see how fiery hot they can get!


If you have loose, sandy soil, get some carrots in there! Be sure to plant ‘em when the season is cool, preferably in the spring or fall months. These lovely long veggies can tolerate some frost, but they do enjoy their spacing.

Note: Be sure to plant the carrot seedlings with proper spacing to avoid overcrowding. Thin them down for the best results.


Fresh picked salad from the garden, anyone? Pick a loose-leaved variety and begin growing it in the garden bed; you’ll get first pickings within six weeks!

The best part about growing lettuce is that you can do it year round outdoors during the warmer months and indoors during the colder months. Be sure to follow these suggestions for the easiest growth.


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