Dog Breeds That Are Great for Families

Puppies and kids go together like PB&J! But before you welcome a new furry friend into your home, it’s important to determine which dog breed is best for your family. You’ll have to consider breed traits like size, grooming and activity needs, personality, etc. Luckily, we’ve compiled a little list of breeds experts say are some of the best family-oriented dogs!

Labrador Retriever

The United States’ No. 1 dog is the Labrador retriever! This breed is super-friendly, good with children, and has a lot of energy. Keep in mind that Labs shed often, which means they’ll need weekly brushings. On the bright side, they’re very trainable and quite patient.

Bernese Mountain Dog

They may be big and bulky (getting up to around 100 pounds), but they’re also considered one of the gentlest breeds known to man. Bernese mountain dogs are cute and cuddly with sweet personalities and a ton of luscious hair! Not to mention, they’re naturally great with children. These traits make this multicolored pup a great option to add to the fam.

Cocker Spaniel

If you’re looking for energetic and dependable, a cocker spaniel might win you over. These playful pups are gentle and require high activity to stay entertained, which makes them great for families with little kids. Let the dogs and the children burn off energy together! Another bonus? These cutie pies are eager to please and easy to train.


Pugs will show their enthusiasm nonstop, but that’s not the only trait you’ll fall in love with. These dogs are clever and hilarious. They know what they’re doing and can put a funny spin on their actions. Pugs can evoke human-like expressions, one of the top reasons adults and kids laugh out loud in their presence. Pugs also run around like crazy and love to play and jump. Bonus: Pugs are super low-maintenance.

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