Audiobook Tips for Beginners

If you love reading but simply can’t find the time, an audiobook is the next best thing! Audiobooks can be a great way to get through your reading list…but they also require your attention! Otherwise, you’ll quickly get lost in the story. Here are a few tips to help you effectively listen to your first audiobook!

Choose a Light Read

Don’t make your first audiobook so complicated. Instead, start with a familiar story (i.e., the book companion to a movie). If you begin your audiobook journey with a title you’re not sure you’ll enjoy, it could negatively impact your overall experience.

Choose the Right Platform

The quality of audiobooks very much depends on the narrator. If you find that your narrator doesn’t capture your attention, it will be a boring story. Narrator quality varies according to your platform. Rather than finding audiobooks via free, online channels, consider investing in an audiobook subscription or obtaining a library card and listening through your library’s online offerings.

Pay Attention to Your Preferences

Preferences for audiobooks vary. For example, do you prefer action stories or romances? Your audiobook experience should be tailored to you. Be strategic about your book choices, and stick to titles that you know will capture your attention.

Play With the Speed

Sometimes, long, drawn-out pauses can turn someone off to an audiobook, especially if they find their mind is wandering during those periods. If this sounds familiar, you can always play with the narration speed.

Time Your Audiobooks Right

Rarely will you do nothing while listening to your audiobook. If you just sit, your mind will likely wander elsewhere. Instead, listen while working on something else, preferably a mindless task. For instance, try listening to audiobooks instead of music while driving, cleaning, getting ready in the morning, and other parts of your daily routine.


What are some of your favorite audiobooks? Share them with us in the comments below!

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