2021 Gift Guide: For Kids

If you have children on your list this holiday season, you might be asking, “What do kids even like nowadays?” In an age defined by TikTok and the internet, trends move quickly – and kids’ interests move along with them. Here are some of the top gifts for kids in 2021.

Logrotate Galaxy Moon Lamp (starting at $19.88, shop here)

From toddlers to teens, this moon lamp is sure to be a beloved addition to any bedroom! With 16 colors to choose from, this moon lamp will never get boring. Available in four sizes, from 4.8 inches to 9.6 inches, it also features touch control and timer, while the 3D star sky effect gives kids unlimited imagination.

Kids Sewing Kit ($19.95, shop here)

This gift wins across many facets: It teaches life skills, provides hours of fun, and creates new decor! Etsy start seller MamaP’sPlaceLLC has created the perfect sewing kit (complete with a plastic sewing needle) for any kid on your list. Choose from many patterns and color combos personalized to your child’s interests.

VTech KidiZoom Creator Cam ($44.99, shop here)

This gift is top-notch for the future movie star in your life. Let them record their own vlogs and performances with this easy-to-use HD camera, complete with tripod and special effects. This gift will also build transferable video production and editing skills that could give them a leg up in their future careers.

Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Library ($39.99, shop here)

The sky’s the limit with this craft kit featuring over 1,000 pom-poms, pipe cleaners, beads, wooden figures, googly eyes, and more! The kit comes in a reusable storage case for convenient transportation and easy gift wrapping.

Cool Maker Go Glam U-Nique Nail Salon ($34.99, shop here)

Gift years of rocking the coolest manicures around with this Amazon exclusive gift. The portable nail salon includes a dryer and stamper, four metallic design pods, one classic design pod, four nail polish colors, and a topcoat. No need to worry about safety, as the polish is formulated specifically with kids and their habits in mind.

Nintendo Switch Game Builder Garage ($29.88, shop here)

With Game Builder Garage, a Nintendo Switch becomes a powerful tool for building new video games and accessing other creators’ games. This gift will take kids through the steps of crafting a video game, leaving them with knowledge that could spark a lifelong interest in programming.


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