Why The Mediterranean Diet Works

It seems like every week there’s a new diet craze in the media. Whether it’s an all-meat diet or all raw fruit and vegetable diet, it’s hard to know which diet is right for you. In all our diets, the goal should be health and the ability to maintain it for the long game. A quick diet designed to shed weight is almost always going to be worse for you than a diet designed to keep you healthy for life. For this reason, we turn to the unbeatable diet that has outlasted the initial craze — the Mediterranean Diet.

If you haven’t heard of the Mediterranean Diet, we will help you get started. This diet has been ranked time and time again at the top of the list for being the most healthful option to guide your eating habits. Not only will it help keep you at an ideal weight, but it also addresses health ailments by reducing inflammation in the body and works as a preventative measure for keeping health concerns at bay.

What makes the Mediterranean Diet so infallible? It’s a moderate diet structure that almost anyone can follow. The foods that make up this diet are easily attainable and mostly affordable too – whole grains, veggies, beans, fish, olive oil, and lots of herbs. This diet even encourages moderate consumption of red wine (is it any wonder why it takes first place time and time again?).

The Mediterranean diet will always work for people trying to follow a regiment that will best protect their health because the diet reverses so many of the unhealthy food choices comprised in the Standard American Diet (an amusing accident leading to the appropriate acronym of SAD). The SAD diet tends towards higher sugar intake, a higher proportion of refined carbs such as white bread, and lower consumption of vegetables and fruits. Additionally, the SAD diet is comprised of a higher intake of red meat than is recommended for optimum health. The Mediterranean Diet addresses these issues and brings balance to the areas where most dietary damage is being done.

If you’re looking for a significant dietary change that will be long-lasting and produce stable health benefits, the Mediterranean Diet is what you’ve been searching for all along.

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