The Best Low-Impact Workouts

Whether you are new to working out, feeling particularly drained one day, or are seeking alternatives due to an injury, low-impact workouts are an important component of any exercise regimen. Here are some of the best low-impact workouts for maximum benefit.


Swimming is a fantastic full-body workout, particularly for those who are injured or don’t like cardio. It has minimal impact in terms of joint strain or stress, but is great for your cardiovascular system, tones and builds muscle, and can even improve your flexibility. Plus, it’s a great calorie burner!


We’ve said it a million times: Yoga provides innumerable benefits to your body beyond just flexibility and balance. It is also beneficial for strengthening and toning, and has been linked to stress relief, better heart health, improved sleep patterns, pain relief, and increased energy levels throughout the day.


Some people opt for cycling classes, while others prefer to bike outside. Whichever method you choose, cycling is a low-impact activity that has many incredible benefits for your body. Cycling can be an effective way to burn calories without fatiguing quickly. It can also increase your strength and endurance.


If you are looking to target your abs in a low-impact workout that doesn’t require effort from other areas of your body, try doing crunches. Crunches also target other areas of your core (such as your lower back and oblique muscles) without adding pressure to other muscle groups or tiring out the rest of your body.


When it comes to your heart and lungs, little is better for you than taking a walk. In fact, walking for just 30 minutes a day can help you improve or maintain your overall health, including reducing your risk of heart disease and improving blood pressure, cholesterol, and bone density. From an anatomical standpoint, walking is also great for your joints and muscles in eliminating stiffness.

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