Emerging Super Foods That’ll Put Kale To Shame

One of the hottest themes buzzing this year is the plant based diet. Because people are seeking out greener, more nutrient rich foods, we’ll see tons of healthy plant based foods and snacks hitting the shelves. Many of them are even more nutrient rich than kale. From seaweed to fungi edibles, here’s a list of health foods coming to a grocery store near you.

Seaweed: Seaweed is a powerhouse green that you will see more of this year. It provides a range of nutrients including vitamins A and C and B vitamins. It also carries iron, fiber, zinc, magnesium and more. More restaurants will soon be offering nutrient rich wakame and kelp salads. Plus, supermarkets will be carrying a range of crispy seaweed snacks.

Ancient Grains: If you love quinoa, then you’re going to enjoy the trend that’s coming. Minimally processed whole grains will soon be heading to a table near you. More and more  ancient grains like amaranth, kamut millet and spelt are being used by chefs for baking breads and desserts. Plenty of whole grains help to reduce the risk of heart disease, certain cancers and Type 2 diabetes.

Algae: Algae is a natural source of carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats and fiber. It is also a superior and more sustainable nutritional alternative that will soon replace traditional meat and dairy ingredients. This nutritional ingredient is high in mono saturated fat and low in saturated fat that can replace eggs, cream, butter, dressing and ice cream without alternating taste or texture.

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