Do You Bruise Easily?

Waking up to find yourself peppered with tender spots of black and blue is always a jarring sight, but it’s particularly unnerving when you can’t hone in on the reason(s) why you’re bruising like a peach! Truth be told, there are many reasons you may be an easy bruiser. Here, we’ll break down some of the more common ones!

Medicine and Supplements

If you regularly take vitamins, supplements, or painkillers, you may unknowingly be increasing your risk of bruising. Painkillers like ibuprofen and aspirin directly affect your blood flow, harboring the same effects as taking a prescribed blood thinner. When consistently ingested, these medicines keep your blood from clotting properly.

On the other hand, steroids, both topical and ingestible, will compromise the skin rather than the blood. Thin skin means less protection from everyday bumps (like accidentally hitting the corner of the table), causing bruises to rear their heads for much less damage. Blood-thinning reactions are also common in those who regularly take ginkgo, ginseng, and garlic supplements.


Ah, the joys and woes of getting older. Though getting wiser is always welcome, the loss of collagen may not be. The depletion of this layer means that your skin has less protection against the environment, making you more prone to bruising. Alongside the collagen loss comes the weakening of the blood vessels, so it takes less to aggravate them. The result? Huge, tender bruises after a bump you may not have thought twice about.


Gym rat? We respect it! But while you’re busy getting swole, your blood vessels may be getting swole alongside you! When you work out, your blood flow increases. But when you go particularly hard or strain a little more than your body is used to, that increased blood flow can potentially tear your blood vessels, leaving you with bruises. Thankfully, situations like these are rarely a cause for concern, and you can work out as usual.

Too Much Sun

Those who are always outside are more prone to bruising than those who are more “indoorsy”. As if you needed another reason to put on sunscreen every day, too much sun can damage your blood vessels. This condition is known as solar purpura, and though it’s more common in those over 50, it can affect anyone who gets too much sun. And the damage is unfortunately irreversible once it happens.

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