Update Your Closet With These Fall Fashion Trends for 2021

Even if your school days are long behind you, updating your closet for the back-to-school season can feel refreshing. Here are some of our top fashion picks for this fall that we think are worth the investment.

Leather Blazer

Leather jackets are essential pieces for any wardrobe, but now there is a modern update to this timeless item: the leather blazer. These outerwear pieces are slightly longer and oversized than typical leather motorcycle jackets. They can be dressed up or down and paired with any other items you have in your closet: dresses, bodysuits, hoodies, turtlenecks… you name it! This item will be your blank canvas to adapt to your personal style.

Our Pick: Frankie Shop Olympia Faux Leather Blazer ($395, shop here)

Retro Sneakers

Popular ’90s sneaker brands and styles like New Balance and Reebok are making a huge comeback, and this fall’s newest colorways make them some of the most comfortable must-have shoes of the season.

Our Pick: New Balance 574 in Space Pink ($79.99, shop here)

Preppy Layering

The preppy look – complete with A-line and school-girl skirts, loafers, dress shirts, and sweater vests – was prominent last fall, and it’s here to stay for this season. This trend involves crucial layering that will make you look put-together.

Our Pick: Madewell Cropped Sweater Vest ($68, shop here)

]Knee-High Boots

It’s time to break out your knee-high boots, which are both classic fashion pieces and also perfect layering elements. Pair knee-high boots with preppy skirts and long socks or jeans for extra warmth. They are also great for rainy days. If you want to get the most use out of your boots, it’s wise to stick to neutral colors.

Our Pick: DV Dolce Vita Nicolette Over-the-Knee Lug Boots ($99, shop here)

Vintage Racing Jackets

Vintage racing jackets will be a unique statement piece to rock this fall. These oversized garments are loud, bold, and available in a wide range of colors. They are also ideal for layering heavier articles of clothing underneath. Search your local thrift stores or online vintage sites to pick out your favorite!

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