Tips and Tricks for Breaking In New Shoes

There’s nothing quite like showing off a brand-new pair of shoes – that is, until later in the day, when your feet are reeling from discomfort. But they don’t have to! Here are some tips and tricks to help you break in those new shoes.

Wear Them at Home

Before heading out into the world rocking your new pair of shoes, start slowly by wearing them around the house in small increments of time. This way, you are laying the groundwork for breaking them in without reaching the point of distress.

Opt for Thick Socks

One of the biggest complaints when breaking in shoes is typically blister-related. While you can always go the traditional Band-Aid route, it’s better to throw some thick socks. For open-toe shoes, the look should be reserved for home, but for gym shoes or boots, you can leave the house in total comfort.

Hydrate Your Skin

Blisters are caused by friction between the shoes and your skin, and dry skin is more likely to blister. For this reason, take the time to ensure your feet are well-moisturized to minimize the possibility of blistering.

Carry a Backup Pair

As you go through the process of breaking in your shoes, it may be possible that you can wear them for some time but not an entire day. In these cases, bring a backup pair along with you to swap out as needed before your feet suffer.

Know When to Cut Your Losses

Finally, it’s important to note that not all shoes will achieve that ideal level of comfort. In other words, some shoes may never fit right. If you’ve been trying to break in your shoes for weeks, have checked out the tips in the Think Glamor link below, and aren’t seeing any positive results, consider donating them. It’s simply not worth it!

Need some more suggestions for breaking in new shoes? Check out this article from our sister site, Think Glamor.


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