The Fashion in Practical Magic

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If you haven’t seen Practical Magic, the 1998 film starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, we highly recommend it! They two play sisters who also happen to be witches. After their parents die, they go to live with their aunts (very Sabrina the Teenage Witch), who teach them how to use “practical magic.” We won’t go into too much detail, but this movie has everything: love, loss, demons, a coven, incredible home decor, and, the reason we’re here, fashion.

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The best way we can describe the fashion in Practical Magic is “earthy witch meets cottagecore meets trendy ’90s.” And with that said, you get how this green velvet empire-waist dress makes total sense. Needless to say, we would totally revisit this look today with a chunky oversized cardigan and a pair of slip-on mules.

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Next up, we have Sandra Bullock’s gardening look, consisting of denim shorts, a modest crop top, and rain boots. We don’t think we would look this put-together in such an outfit, but we do think we can rock high-waisted denim shorts and a graphic crop top! We’ll leave the rain boots to Bullock and swap those out for slide sandals.

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Back to Kidman: The embroidery we saw in the ’90s was thanks to a ’70s fashion revival. Today, we are still in love with all things embroidered, and while we dig the look, we love the idea of a black floral embroidered dress with a pair of chunky Dr. Martens. Or, for less edgy vibes, we’d pair it with an oversized denim jacket, neutral slip-on mules, vintage sunnies, and statement earrings.

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Here is another take on a ’90s empire-waist dress. We don’t know if it’s the all-over botanical print or the embellished forest green cardigan, but consider us officially on the lookout for a ’fit like this. If cardigans aren’t your thing, or it’s hot where you live, we love to see any ’90s-inspired dress with a plain white tee underneath.

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We could go on about yet another embellished cardigan and how it’s paired with an incredible celestial print skirt, but what we really can’t get over are Kidman’s tiny sunglasses. We’ve started to see them gain the respect they deserve, but Kidman rocking these in Practical Magic is all the assurance we need to buy a pair for the summer.

What are your favorite looks from Practical Magic? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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