The Best Clothing Rental Subscriptions to Try Right Now

Photo Via – Rent The Runway 

Renting clothing is the way of the future. It’s more cost effective and environmentally sustainable than classic buy-to-own shopping and allows you to constantly have new clothing rotating in and out of your wardrobe. It’s basically a win win. Rental subscriptions are definitely becoming a larger trend within the retail world and knowing which to try (and how to get your money’s worth) can be a bit daunting. Luckily, we’ve researched (and personally tried) a lot of the big-name rental brands out there right now, and these three are our recommendations for dipping your toes in the rental water, or, you know, diving right in.

Rent the Runway (Click Here) 

No surprise, Rent the Runway is top of the list for clothing rental subscriptions. It carries a higher price tag, but if you opt for the unlimited monthly subscription, you can swap out four items (minimum) as many times as you want all month. This is truly for the girl who never wants to wear the same thing twice. They also make it unbelievably easy. They send you a garment bag with the clothes you’ve chosen, you keep them for as long as you want, and then return them via free shipping when you’re done. Additionally, you can send some items back, but keep some as well, so you never have to feel like your pieces are on a timeline. Your slots will open back up and you will be able to rent more pieces right away when they receive your items. And finally, if you find something you absolutely love and want to permanently add to your wardrobe, Rent the Runway offers discounts (we’ve seen up to 60%!) on the items you have at home.

Nuuly (Click Here) 

The newest member of the URBN family (Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie), Nuuly offers six items each month for $88. Their assortment is a collection from the three aforementioned brands, plus third-party brands the in-house brands buy from wholesale. The price per number of styles you receive is a great deal, but the only caveat here is that you can’t swap. So, what you pick for the month is what you get. If something doesn’t fit, you can’t swap until the next month. With that being said, these are well known brands, and you’re likely familiar with your sizing (plus they have reviews to use as a guide). This is the option we would go for if you’re looking for a few standout pieces to debut throughout the month.

Trunk Club (Click Here) 

This works a little differently than the two rental services above. Technically, Trunk Club isn’t a subscription. Trunk Club, created by Nordstrom, works with stylists to get you pieces that are curated for your style and needs. You create a profile on their site, answer questions about what you’re looking for, and a stylist puts together a box of clothing he or she thinks will seamlessly integrate into your life. The cost of the styling service is $25, but that goes towards any purchases you make from the box. Once you receive your items, try them on, keep what you want, return what you don’t. Simple. This is something we would recommend for those who don’t have the time to shop but are looking for someone with a keen eye to get them what they need. Also, you get to preview your box before it ships, so you can make sure you won’t receive anything that doesn’t immediately strike you as something you’d like to wear.

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