Stay Stylish with These Fall Colors

The Fall Winter 2018 2019 collections favor a palette that ranges from the vibrant and strong hues beloved by millennials to the warmth of autumnal tones. Designers still bow to Pantone’s official Color of the Year—Ultra Violet—and its close cousins lilac/lavender and digital blue. Burnt orange, mustard yellows and khaki lead the march toward cozy shades that symbolize the season. Here are tips on how to wear these trending colors that put you at the front of fashion.

While Pantone’s blue-toned shade of purple may seem overwhelming for the everyday, you will find working it in as an accessory is easy. Team an Ultra Violet bootie with your favorite jeans or a pretty floral midi dress. Pair a sweater in the regal hue with pants in black or navy.

Lavender, although a pastel, adds character to any statement outfit. This shade is also called “lilac”.

Fuchsia Pink is the season’s go-to standalone color. Wear it as an all-over shade.

Khaki is the brownish beige that’s no longer reserved just for classic trenches and camel coats. It’s the unexpected color to build an entire outfit around.

Whisky Brown edges one notch over from khaki on the color wheel. The shade matches its famous namesake liquor and is just as warm and enveloping.

Cherry Red is an elegant color that’s splendid for retro looks. Think velvet and satin.

Digital Blue evokes the future and technology beloved by all cyber girls.

Burnt Orange symbolizes Fall and warms you up against the dropping temperatures.

Mustard Yellow spices up classic patterns such as plaids and florals.

Olive Green adds a golden undertone to apparently subdued military green.

Burgundy draws its obvious seasonal appeal from matching nature’s changing foliage. No other color comes closer, and the wine-deep hue is a natural swap for classic neutrals. Never mind Pantone’s decrees. Burgundy remains everybody’s favorite fallback color for autumn.




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