Pull Off The Neon Look Without Being Over-the-Top

Fuschia. Lime green. Fluorescent orange. They’re not just shades of highlighters — they’re some of the hottest colors in the fashion world right now. The most glamorous celebrities and the biggest movie stars are appearing at A-list events decked out in shades that can practically be seen from space. And that’s fine for the likes of Blake Lively, but how can this style be incorporated into daily life? 

Pretty in Pink

Neon pink is surprisingly one of the easier colors to wear during the day if you want to play around with this fashion trend.  Flex your inner fashionista and try a hot pink blazer and some dark jeans and flats for your work day.

A bright pink dress is a great look for the coming spring season and looks great on lots of skin tones and hair colors. If you feel like it’s just too much pink, feel free to add that black overcoat or scarf, since it’s definitely still cold enough for both.

Lime Green

Neon green can be dressed up or down, and used as sparingly or “out there” as you’d like. Pair a cute bright lime green blouse with black jeans, coat and flats. The trick is to mix a black or muted color with your lime green, and the neon becomes a great pop of fashion.

So, So Orange

Orange is not only reserved for the fall. This year bright orange is all over high-end fashion designs as well. Solid, cozy shirts look great with blue jeans and boots or tennis shoes. Neon orange is better as a solid piece of clothing with something like a white blouse to offset it. When you add designs to the orange garment it can get a little too busy, which is good if you’re in a fun mood but it might be tough to pull off at the office. 

Start Out Slow

Feeling a little shy about pulling the trigger on this fashion trend? Start this fashion out slowly with a neon accessory. A great bracelet, rings, or edgy handbag, for instance, is an easy way to get used to neon without diving headfirst into this look. A great accessory will add a bright pop of color to any outfit, and it will help you ease slowly into this eye-catching neon fashion trend.

Continue to experiment with bright shades, and you’ll be putting together vivid, celebrity-worthy outfits soon. And if you’re so bright that you can be seen from space, good. After all, amazing fashion should be shared.

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