Out With the Old and In With the Old: Shoe Brands That Made a Comeback

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When you think of brands like New Balance and Reebok, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Are you thinking about the style from 20-30 years ago? Or are you thinking about your favorite influencer?

You may even remember yourself not wanting to wear these brands because there were “trendier” options. But the times have changed. Shoes that were considered “old people shoes” are now all the rage. Just look at Instagram if you don’t believe us.

Reebok and New Balance are reaching younger generations like never before. So if your parents’ stash of vintage shoes don’t fit, check out these top picks for old, new shoes.

New Balance

New Balance was ahead of the game when it came to chunky “dad shoes.” But if you look at the most popular ones on the market, the classic New Balance silhouette has gotten a major modern update. There is someone we can thank for that, and it’s Teddy Santis, founder of designer brand Aimé Leon Dore. Check out these trending finds:

New Balance 550 (Starting at $109.99, shop here)

The New Balance 550 is currently a wardrobe staple, on its way to becoming the new Air Force 1. The style was created as a tribute to ‘90s ballers and streetwear, but it looks good with practically anything.

Aimé Leon Dore has collaborated with New Balance countless times and has popularized multiple silhouettes like the 550. The ALD / NB P550 Basketball Oxfords, which typically retails for $130, is now reselling for $800 or more. This just goes to show how the industry has changed – anything for the classic American dad shoe.

New Balance 827 Abzorb Aime Leon Dore (Price varies, shop here)

Teddy Santis has modernized the 827s, but they still stay true to the New Balance looks from the past. This sneaker screams the early 2000s. But today, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. While the resell value for all three colorways is exceptionally high, not as many people are talking about it.


Reebok also has cult-classic shoes that are making their way back onto the scene. You don’t even have to be into streetwear or activewear to know the impact of the following silhouettes:

Reebok Club C 85 Model Vintage ($75, shop here)

These shoes have been around forever. Your grandpa most likely still has a pair or even refuses to wear anything else. It’s another classic all-white shoe with green detailing that is highly versatile and looks good with just about everything. Just take a look at Instagram, where hundreds of influencers are “discovering” these shoes despite them being around for decades.

Reebok Billionaire Boys Club Instapump Fury Boost ($200, shop here)

Those who are into funky shoes and have a quirky fashion taste know how to make a statement with these classic sneakers from Reebok. Is it a gimmick, or is it a truly innovative shoe? It’s hard to say! Regardless, these instantly recognizable sneakers have made a return to the fashion world.


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