Let’s Talk Proportions

Have you ever put on an outfit, looked in the mirror, and thought: “Pretty solid choice, but something is off”? Same! There is a good chance that the only thing not taken into consideration was proportions. Today, we’ll be talking about proportions and the many ways you can flatter them.

The Rule of Thirds

If you’ve heard the term rule of thirds, it might have been from a photographer, architect, or artist, as these are all jobs that use the rule of thirds. For now, we’ll stick to what we know, which is applying the rule to our outfits. The best looks tend to highlight one-third on top and two-thirds on the bottom – or vice versa if you’re wearing a dress. Looking at what you’re wearing using the rule of thirds will help you create flattering outfits.

(image via the wardrobe consultant)

Now that we have an understanding of the rule of thirds, here are a few tips when it comes to flattering your figure:

Make Sure Your Clothes Fit

Yes, a no-brainer, we know. But we’re serious. If you’re looking to flatter your figure, wear clothes that fit. Squeezing into clothes is never flattering. Plus, it’s way uncomfortable. We know that it can be disheartening to go up in sizes, but remember: Your worth is not determined by some number on a tag. It also never hurts to periodically go through your closet and try things on just to make sure you have a closet full of clothing that that fits.

Make Observations

Look at your outfit and decide what you like and don’t like about it. Do this constructively. For instance, you can say, “I don’t like flare jeans because they throw off my proportions. I like how I look in skinny jeans better.” Now, when shopping for jeans, you’ll know what you like best on your body.

(image via elle)

Embrace Your Shape

This is so important when you start dressing to flatter your figure. If you’ve got a larger bust, find out what pieces work best for women with larger busts and shop accordingly. The same goes for broad shoulders, short torsos, or long legs.

(image via pure wow via memorandum)

Choose the Right Textiles

Textiles play a huge role in making sure an outfit is proportionate. Start with your favorite pieces in your closet and see what they’re made of, then keep those fabrics in mind when shopping for new items.

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