How to Wear Neutrals

Go to any retailer, and there are tons of colors and prints to choose from; some are bright, some are dark; some are dainty, some are bold. This can make shopping – and getting dressed – a bit of a nightmare. We’re here to tell you it’s okay to have a wardrobe made up of neutrals and some tips for wearing them. See? We got your back.

What Is a Neutral?

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For something to be considered neutral, it has to lack all or most color. This includes black, white, gray, beige, brown, olive green, and navy. The “trick” is that these colors have varying shades. Take gray, for instance; there can be light gray, dark gray, charcoal gray, heathered gray, and so on. Because of this, there are a ton of outfit options within neutral wardrobes.

The Benefits of a Neutral Wardrobe

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  • Neutrals are way chic. Think about it: They never go out of style. Take Audrey Hepburn, for example; the woman almost exclusively wore neutrals!
  • Getting dressed is easy. Everything matches, so there is no way to mess it up. Even if you opt for a pop of color, odds are, it’s not going to clash with anything else you have on.
  • You can be a little pickier about purchases. When you’re committed to a neutral wardrobe, you naturally have capsule pieces that can be mixed and matched. Lovers of neutrals tend to opt for quality over quantity.
  • Neutrals are in style year-round. More than likely, you’ll see a change in textiles, but there’s no need to change up your color scheme.

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of having a neutral wardrobe, let’s talk about some ways to wear it.

Go Mono!

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The monochrome look is trending right now, so if you love neutrals, this is a great option for you. And remember, just because you’re putting together a monochrome outfit doesn’t mean each component has to be the same shade. Mixing it up can add a lot of depth and visual interest to your ensemble.

Pop (of Color)

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Just because you’re committed to the neutral life doesn’t mean that you can’t add in a few pops of color. In fact, doing so brings a little excitement to an outfit. You can incorporate color subtly with earrings or shoes, or you can go a little brighter and layer in a colorful top or coat.

Black + Brown = Perfection

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Was anybody else told growing up that black and brown clashed? Well, we don’t know who created that “rule,” but we are here to break it! We love pairing these colors together. Our best tip is to find a pattern like leopard print and pair it with a light camel shade of brown.

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