How to Mix and Match Mismatched Fashion

We don’t know about you, but after over a year of the pandemic, we are eager to start dressing up again. There’s a lot of pent-up creativity to let loose! One fashion trend we love right now is the mismatched clothing look. Yet here’s a word of caution from stylists: Putting together a mismatched look can easily go awry.

Successfully combining clashing patterns, fabrics, and styles is an art that demands restraint and creativity. The mismatched outfit should feel unexpected and effortless but not thoughtlessly thrown together. It must be cohesive and considered, not stiffly coordinated.

If you haven’t done much mismatching in the past, start slow. Try pairing patterns like stripes, plaids, and polka dots and see how you feel about the look. As you gain confidence, try adopting a more advanced strategy. Here are ways to have fun with mismatching fashion.

Trip Out on Flowers

Try pairing two or more floral prints together. Just make sure they share similar base colors.

Experiment With Scale

Pick one pattern, such as polka dots, and mix the overblown with the minuscule. Stick to one color so that you don’t trigger vertigo in passersby.

Pair Florals and Stripes

Mix floral pants with a classic striped Oxford. This combo works because both elements share a timeless quality, and the basic shirt balances out the statement-making pants.

Mix Up Primary Colors

Begin with the three primary colors – blue, red, and yellow – and wear one as your top and another as your bottom. Or, pick out a striped top and bottom, both in primary colors, for a color-block look.

Search Out Subtle Ties

Find a connective thread to create subtle outfit cohesion. For example, pair similar shades of one color in two different prints.

Refresh the Retro

Take a retro look such as the 1970s palette of brown and orange and bring it forward with current colors like lavender and seafoam.

Play With Color Theory

Try layering different prints in similar colors or varying shades of one color. Think: hunter green teamed with asparagus and sage.

Sum Up the Parts

Here’s an advanced look to try if you want to combine trends such as grunge with polished or classic with bohemian. Let the more subtle aesthetic dominate the look: two parts quiet, one part loud.

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