How “The Craft” Immortalized School Uniform Chic

Image via The Craft (1996)

The ’90s gave us more than Tamagotchi and Friends; it also gifted us with one of the most influential eras in fashion history. Part of the reason the button-downs and plaid patterns of the decade have resurfaced today is our access to nostalgic (oc)cult classics like 1996’s The Craft, which showed us that you don’t need super-striking pieces to showcase your personality. Let’s discuss!

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’90s Structure

The ’90s brought us structured outfits full of trousers, collared shirts, and chunky shoes – so the idea that a school uniform could be fashionable isn’t so outlandish. The preppy nature offered a sharp juxtaposition to the leading ladies of The Craft, who were a coven of teenage witches.

The Craft also showcased the importance of accessories and how something as small as a pair of shoes can transform an outfit. Through minimal touches and the pairing of different lengths and textures, each girl lets her individuality shine through.

(image via who what wear via everett collection)

Why Has This Style Lived On?

Though what’s in style is under constant scrutiny, especially with micro-trends, some pieces will never go out of style. Elements of the school uniform – white tops, neutral cardigans, and pleated skirts – are just a handful of garments you can count on, and they’re also key to the fashion in The Craft.

Are you a fan of the fashion in The Craft, or is there another influential ’90s movie you have in mind? Share with us in the comments section below!

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