Fashion Rules We Fully Intend on Breaking

We don’t know about you, but for most of our lives, we’ve been told we shouldn’t wear certain things. But it’s 2022, and fashion rules shouldn’t exist anymore. We’re here today to discuss fashion rules we despise – and why we’re ditching them for good!

Your Size Should Dictate What You Wear

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Um, how about no? Whether you are a size 2 or 20, go ahead and rock that miniskirt. No matter what end of the spectrum you’re on, your size should not control what you wear. It’s all about feeling confident. Wear whatever puts a smile on your face.

Glasses Aren’t Sexy

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Have you heard the phrase: “Boys don’t make passes at girls that wear glasses”? This is just simply not true. We love the sexy sophistication glasses add to any look. And with styles in all shapes, sizes, and colors at our fingertips, it’s easier than ever to make glasses your thing. And huge win: You will be able to see clearly.

Women Over a Certain Age Shouldn’t Dress Trendy

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If we’ve learned anything from TikTok, it’s that you are never too old to be trendy. Fashion is nothing but a cycle anyway, so someone has to show these kids how it’s done. Take this ’90s fashion revival, for instance. We strutted our baggy jeans, babydoll tees, and tattoo chokers back in the day, and we’ll do it again – because you’re never too old to be a ’90s “it” girl.

Your Shoes Need to Match Your Bag

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We ditched this rule once it became inconvenient to change our bags all the time. In fact, we like the idea of contrasting colors or adding juxtaposition by not coordinating our bag with our shoes.

Mixed Prints Are Too Busy

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No shade if you prefer neutrals, but if you fancy yourself as more of an eclectic queen that goes crazy for leopard print and florals side by side, we’re all about it. The idea of anything being “too busy” is simply outdated.

You Shouldn’t Wear White After Labor Day

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From where we’re standing, white is chic, no matter the season!

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