Do You Remember These Celebrity Fashion and Beauty Lines?

Today’s market is heavily saturated with celebrity beauty and fashion lines. This practice is nothing new: It’s been around for decades. And, of course, some of our favorite lines came from the 2000’s, when sheer star power and style were enough to charm our hearts – and our allowance money. Here’s a roundup of some of our favorite (now-defunct) celebrity fashion and beauty lines.

Miley Cyrus x Max Azria

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In the late 2000s, Miley Cyrus was climbing the ranks as a Disney star. With her growing popularity, the next move was evident: her very own clothing line sold exclusively at Walmart. Partnering with designer Max Azria, Cyrus would create a style uniquely her own: grab graphic tees, ruffled blouses, patterned skinny jeans, sneakers, and ballet flats that were at once boho and casual with a little rocker edge.

Jessica Simpson Dessert

(image via pop crush via scott gries/getty images)

In addition to her two clothing lines, Princy and JS, Jessica Simpson took the beauty world by storm by creating her fun and flirty cosmetics line Jessica Simpson Dessert. The line featured products such as Cotton Candy Kissable Whipped Cream Lotion, Banana Split Plumping Lipgloss, and Sugar Shimmer Kissable Body Powder – all of which were edible. Unfortunately, Simpson was hit with lawsuits and a mix of poor reviews, with one individual claiming they were “followed everywhere” by bees after applying the Belly Button Love Potion Roll-On Perfume. The sickeningly sweet products were eventually left behind by the masses.

Mary-Kate and Ashley: Real Fashion for Real Girls

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What wasn’t Mary-Kate and Ashley capable of? Before hitting 20 years old, the twins had starred in dozens of films, published their own magazine, and released a line of dolls in their likeness; it’s no surprise they were destined to create a fashion label. No, it’s not The Row, the high-end label we know of today, but rather sweet, modest apparel line geared toward young girls with the tagline, “Real Fashion for Real Girls.” The collection debuted in 2004 with a runway show in Paris, displaying a range of halter tops, capris, matching sets, swimwear, and athletic wear.

Stuff by Hilary Duff

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With such a catchy name, how could we forget!? Taking a hands-on approach, Duff was instrumental in putting the brand together by working with Creative Director Geoffry Gertz to research designs, color palettes, and the aesthetic of her 2004 line. The work paid off, with Duff releasing clothing, makeup products, accessories, footwear, and bedding with plenty of pinks, florals, and star motifs. Target and multiple other outlets carried the brand’s four seasonal collections, plus a holiday line, but the collection faded off into the sunset.

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