Achieving Granola Girl Status

If you frequent TikTok, then you’ve probably seen or heard the phrase ”granola girl.” If not, we’ll break it down for you: A granola girl is best described as someone outdoorsy whose posts often include gorgeous landscapes or action shots of them hiking or camping. Perhaps you’ve already perfected this look, or perhaps we are your guiding light today. Either way, here are a few tips for achieving granola girl status.

Color Palette

It probably goes without saying, but the granola color palette is very earthy. But don’t think that it can’t include other hues because we love dusty rose and lavender. And jewel tones are always great for adding a bold pop of color.

(image via stylevore / livi bentley)


Gone are the days of skinny jeans; if you’re going for a granola look, you’re going to rock the mom jeans (bonus points if they have a light wash and some destruction). We love the look of mom jeans paired with a basic top, then adding accessories such as vintage sunnies or a bandana. We consider this granola girl meets effortlessly chic.


Whether you rock Tevas, Birkenstocks, or Chacos, you can’t go wrong with a pair of sandals. As it gets a little colder outside, simply add some natural wool printed socks. Once it gets too cold for sandals and socks, it’s time to rock the boots, Vans, or high-top Converse.

Graphic Tees

Yet another granola girl staple we love: the graphic tee. A granola girl’s capsule collection of graphic tees probably includes destinations, music festivals, and a fair amount of Patagonia, The North Face, and Life Is Good.

(image via stylevore / livi bentley)

Plaid Flannels

You can rock a flannel with just about anything, but our personal favorite is with a graphic tee and jeans (worn over top or tied around the waist). No matter how you wear flannel, you’ll want to snag them in several colors for all kinds of outfits. Luckily, they are a dime a dozen at thrift stores.

(image via pura vida)

Corduroy Button-Downs

While comparable to flannels, corduroy button-downs are great for when you need something a little thicker than flannel but not quite a coat. We love a corduroy button-down over a crop top and mom jeans or with a graphic tee and some distressed denim shorts.

Random Must-Haves

Overalls, a trusty beanie, a printed fleece, a shacket, and metal accessories are all must-haves for the granola girl look. Pair them with any of the styles above, and voila! You’re officially a granola girl.


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