Accessorizing 101

You may have heard the old adage, “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.” And while we agree, we might also add that you’re never fully dressed without at least some accessories. So whether you aren’t sure where to start or need to perfect your art, here are a few tips to help you ensure your accessories are always on point.

What Does It Mean to Accessorize?

Accessorizing simply means putting some thought into jewelry, shoes, and handbags to give an ensemble the finishing touches it deserves.

Must-Have Accessories

  • Shoes: We gotta have ’em, but you don’t have to reach for a pair of neutrals every day. We encourage having a few key pairs on hand (such as retro sneakers, block heels, or mules) to add a little something to your looks.
  • Jewelry: Bracelets, necklaces, earrings…you know the stuff.
  • Hair Accessories: We see these come and go with each season. Currently, we love vintage scarves, scrunchies, and claw clips.
  • Handbags: We have a couple of sensible bags in a neutral color, but our favorites are those that add color and interesting shape to our looks.

Tips for Accessorizing

Avoid Matching Sets

Matching sets typically involve earrings, necklaces, and rings that all match. These often look a bit boring. Instead, play around with what you have to create some contrast with size, color, and shape.

Ask Yourself: Bright Accessories or Bright Clothes?

You want to wear your ’fit, not let your ’fit wear you! If you overdo it on bright clothing and accessories, it can be a little much on the eyes. If you want to wear bolder accessories, keep your clothing neutral; and if you wear colorful clothing, opt for more minimal accessories.

Bags Do Not Have to Match Shoes

The idea of your shoes and handbag matching is dated. In fact, we prefer when these pieces contrast to add interest to your outfit.

Use Accessories to Transform an Outfit

The next time you look at your outfit and think something is missing, try swapping out shoes (say, your sensible flats for pointed-toe mules), then reach for a pair of statement earrings.

Step Away from the Apple Watch With Evening Wear

Apple watches are great for your everyday look, but when it comes to more formal outings, leave the Apple Watch at home.

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