A Guide to Soft Girl Style

We love learning about new aesthetics! And, admittedly, we got pretty excited when we heard about the light, feminine “soft girl” aesthetic. Here’s how to get the look!

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Color Lightly

The soft girl palette consists of pastels, so keep your looks light with pops of pale pink, blue, yellow, and lavender.

Keep It Simple

If you’re looking for an aesthetic that piles on layers and bold accessories, this one probably isn’t for you. The soft girl style is all about keeping your look basic…like jeans and a cardigan basic!

Stay Delicate

Just because you’re keeping things simple doesn’t mean you have to give up patterns altogether. The soft girl aesthetic is all about dainty floral prints, plaids, and strips.

Tread Boldly

When it comes to shoes, never turn down the chance to rock platform sneakers or white Dr. Martens.  

Get the Look

Here are a few of our top picks for mastering soft girl style.

Zara Rib Polo Shirt ($15.90, shop here)

The name of the game is keeping things cute. By pairing a ribbed pastel polo with a light-washed denim miniskirt or cropped raw-hem jeans, you’ve done just that. To accessorize, try delicate gold earrings and some minimalist hair clips, then complete the look with crisp, white sneakers.

High-Waisted Pleated Tennis Skirt ($17.98, shop here)

This piece screams soft girlie! We love the versatility of a pleated miniskirt: pair it with a plain white tee in summer or a graphic sweatshirt or light sweater in the cooler months. As for shoes, we like classic Keds, but don’t be afraid to bust out those chunky boots for a slightly edgy soft girl look.

Princess Polly Donita Cardigan Set ($74, shop here)

Soft girls and cardigan sets go hand-in-hand. Lighter-weight cardigan sets are great for transition months and unusually cool summer days, but we recommend slightly chunkier ones for the winter. We love them paired with a floral midi or maxi skirt.

Beginning Boutique Rihanna Minidress ($59.99, shop here)

If you combined cottagecore with the ’90s, you’d get this dress! The details make it a little more visually complex, while the delicate print and colors keep things soft. We love a floral mini paired with retro sneakers (to keep it casual) or block heels (for a more dressy occasion).

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