7 Ways to Birken-rock

Ahh, you either love or hate Birkenstocks. In 1774, Johann Adam Birkenstock became the first cobbler in Langen-Bergheim, Germany; since 1774, the Birkenstock has only improved and is now the shoe for quality, comfort, and support.

There’s not really a wrong way to wear Birks, but here are seven of the best looks, featuring that classic two-strap Birkenstock.

Florals and Bold Prints. Honestly, there is nothing comfier than a dress and Birks, especially if the Birks are nice and worn in. If you go the dainty floral dress route, top off the outfit with a destructed denim jacket for some 90’s vibes. If a bold print is more your thing, work it, but try cinching your waist in with a skinny belt to accentuate those curves and tone down the pattern. Remember: wear the print, don’t let the print wear you.

(photo via zimmermannwear.com)

Calling all minimalists for the next outfit. Grab your favorite pair of destructed denim shorts or jeans and pair them with a white top of your choice, light sweater, plain tee french tucked, button-down knotted up, then grab a colorful bag and slide on your Birks for an effortless yet chic look.

(photo via ascotfriday.typepad.com)

Birkenstocks, but make it business casual. If you work somewhere with a dress code that allows sandals, don’t shy away from rockin’ the Birks in the office. We don’t mean grab the ones you’ve had for a decade that are obviously the comfiest, but if you’ve got some Birks that would pass for work-appropriate, pair them with a cropped trouser and casual top. You won’t regret your outfit, and your feet will thank you.

(photo via pinterest.com)

To the max. Again, there is nothing more comfortable than a dress and Birkenstocks. This time, we’re opting for a maxi dress. The beauty of a maxi dress is they’re versatile; not only can you find them in just about any print or color, but you can add some dimension just by knotting them and layering them up with denim or leather (if you dare) jacket.

(photo via i.pinimg.com)

Overall, we’re here for it. Who doesn’t still crush over overalls? They’ll never go out of style. Luckily with the brilliant overall revival, these comfies are available in a ton of colors and styles. If denim is your thing, opt for a slightly loose-fitting pair and throw your favorite tee or tank underneath along with Birks. Voila, you are ready for a morning at the Farmer’s Market. You can also opt for a pair of linen overalls that will feel a little lighter and are available in an array of colors. If it’s still a little cool out, throw on a flannel, and out the door, you go.

(photo via i.pinimg.com)

Plain Jane. First of all, it’s called minimalism, and it’s very in right now, so WORK these basic separates. A simple pair of jeans and a solid t-shirt paired with Birkenstocks is a solid choice for any day. Comfy, casual, but so very chic. If you aren’t feeling a plain tee, rock your favorite graphic or band tee – there are no rules. We say go full 90’s mom jeans and roll them up a touch as for denim. But hey, we don’t judge; if skinny jeans are your thing, go for it.

(photo via liangalliard.com)

Socks Birkenrock. Yeah, you heard us right: socks and Birks. If you haven’t tried it, then you haven’t really lived yet. Springtime can be a little all over the place weather-wise, so that some days may be downright chilly. Never shy away from throwing on a pair of chunky knit socks or frilly lace socks (we die), Birks, and a long sleeve tee or sweater. Opt for pastels or spring prints to feel a little more in season.

(photo via happyfeet.com)

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