What Was Happening in Fashion Just 10 Years Ago? A Lot.

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Was 2012 really 10 years ago? We can’t really process that! But our fashion choices from a decade ago sure put things into perspective. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at some of the hottest fashion trends of 2012.

Two Words: Glitter Pumps

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We’re screaming. Glitter pumps were everywhere – and the chunkier the glitter, the better. You could buy them in-store, but those of us that just couldn’t turn down a DIY project had them in every color. There were a ton of ways to wear these pumps, but we especially loved them with black tights and a miniskirt.

Bold Lips

(image via usa today via wireimage)

We went from caking our lips with foundation to blend in with the rest of our face to doing a bold lip. And when we say bold, we mean bright red, plum, and coral. For those of us that feel most comfortable with just a touch of lip balm, these were unprecedented times.


(image via popsugar via atlantic-pacific)

For some reason, peplum was everywhere in 2012. You could pair your peplum top with skinny pants or a pencil skirt for that “just got off work and headed straight to the club” look. Now, here’s the thing about peplum: It always cut people off at an awkward spot, making the silhouette interesting, like a low hourglass.


(image via  via pop rocky)

We were leather-obsessed in 2012. We rocked leather skirts, leather dresses, leather tops, and leather pants, and did we care what season it was? Absolutely not.

Wedge Sneakers

(image via lavish rebellion)

Once again, we’re screaming. What were these? They were sort of high-tops, but they had a wedge in the heels, too. And it’s not like you could find a wedge sneaker in all black or beige with a simple pair of laces. No, we had them in all of the bold colors with at least one neon accent color or multiple velcro straps going every which way. Sometimes they were laced tight, and other times they were slightly loose. We have no idea how people kept them on.


(image via popsugar via lookbook.nu/the blonde salad)

Neon was king in 2012 with bright pink, green, and yellow dresses, hoodies, T-shirts, and, of course, skinny jeans. The kicker was that although the colors were bold, the cut of these pieces was simple and often toned down with neutral belts, shoes, handbags, and accessories.


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