Tips for Achieving Trendy, Fluffy Brows

Given the popularity of services like micro-blading, micro-feathering, and eyebrow lamination, it’s safe to say that the “fluffy,” feathered brow trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. For those of us who weren’t blessed with thick, dark brows (or plucked them to oblivion years ago), there’s still hope. These tips will help you fluff up your brows all on your own!

Let them Grow

This seems obvious, but it feels wrong in practice. When you see overgrown eyebrows, your first instinct is probably to grab the tweezers or wax strips – but put those babies down! To get fluffy brows, you have to let them grow. This will give you hair to work with when you shape them. If you must pluck or trim, do it sparingly. If you’re having trouble growing your brows, try applying castor oil to the area daily.


Just like exfoliating is good for your face, body, and scalp in moderation, it’s also good for the area under your brows! Knocking off dead skin and product buildup will help your eyebrow hairs be fluffier and less weighed down. Don’t do this more than a few times a month since that skin can be sensitive. You’ll also want to be sure to use gentle ingredients and exfoliants for the sake of your eyelids and eyeballs.

Apply Lash Primer

Not only can lash primer help shape your brows and give them the illusion of each hair being thicker, but it will also extend the wear of the products you layer on top. Look for a primer like Lashfood’s Conditioning Collagen Lash Primer ($20, shop here) that contains conditioning ingredients, which can help your brows look and become healthier with regular use!


Conditioning treatments do wonders for your hair, so why not apply that concept to your brows? Anything you can do to support healthy hair growth will help you achieve fluffier brows. Just be careful not to put harsh ingredients too close to your eyes! If you’re looking to use a product you already have, aloe vera or your go-to face oil might be good options.

Pencil Them In

A waterproof brow pencil like L’Oreal Paris Brow Stylist Definer Eyebrow Pencil ($6.99, shop here) can enhance what you have or create what you don’t. Why waterproof? The wax in the pencil gives better control and looks thicker. For the fluffy look, you’ll want to apply in small upward strokes in the same direction that your hairs grow.

If you want to try the fluffy brow trend but you can’t commit to micro-blading or a similar procedure, don’t fret. These tips will help you grow out your brows and fluff what you’ve got!

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