These Shampoos Help You Get Color Without the Damage

Should you be using a color-depositing shampoo? Read on to learn more!

What Is Color-Depositing Shampoo?

As its name suggests, a color-depositing shampoo has pigments of hair color deposited into the formula. The pigments are not as strong as hair dye, but they replenish the amount of color lost in your hair from regular washing or using heated tools. Some people even use these shampoos in place of dye to produce more subtle, less permanent results.

Color-depositing shampoos are especially popular for maintaining pink, blue, red, and other colorful hair shades, but you can also use them to keep up more natural hair colors like golden blonde, deep brown, and auburn. Here are some of our favorite color-depositing shampoos that help you get the color – without the damage.

Celeb Viral Hair Colorwash Vivid Shampoo ($35, shop here)

Available in 23 shades, from vivids to pastels to naturals, Celeb Viral is one of the biggest names in the color-depositing shampoo industry. Its semi-permanent products create and refresh color in as little as five minutes and can be amplified with daily use. The shampoo repairs as it colors with its signature Bond Rebuilder. All products are crafted with natural ingredients like palm and coconut, and each shampoo has a conditioner to match.

Pure Blends Hydrating Color Depositing Shampoo ($25, shop here)

Pure Blends’ hydrating shampoo is designed to maintain hair color when used for every other wash. The Lemon shade is great for natural and artificial blondes, as it produces neutral tones with a pale beige base. In contrast, Sun is great for golden blondes who want to maintain warmth. The brand also offers red and orange bases to maintain copper, auburn, and burgundy tones – plus brown and blue shades that are great for keeping brunettes looking fresh.

John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Visibly Deeper Color Deepening Shampoo ($9.34, shop here)

John Frieda’s Midnight Brunette collection will leave dark hair luscious and shiny while encouraging depth. It contains natural cocoa and evening primrose oil for healthy hydration, plus elements for subtle darkening. Your results with this line are customizable: Leave the products on your hair longer or apply them more often for a more dramatic color change.

Joico Color-Infuse Red Shampoo ($20.50, shop here)

Joico knows that while bold red hair turns heads, it also fades quickly. That’s why the brand formulated this shampoo to maintain shades from natural red to deep burgundy. Results from this shampoo hold for up to 12 washes, but the product can be used more often if your red needs an additional boost. The formula is also designed to strengthen hair, fight static, and boost shine.

Love your hair color and want to nurture it any way you can? Then color-depositing shampoos are for you! Check out these varieties to find the perfect match for your beloved dye job.

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