These Gel Manicure Kits Will Save You Money In The Long Run

There’s no better time (or need) for an at-home manicure, and doing your own gel nails has many benefits. Not only do DIY gel manicures save you money, but they’re also quick and easy once you get the hang of the process and you only need the following items which are included in the kits below:

  1. A UV or LED curing light
  2. A gel base coat, topcoat, and color
  3. A nail file
  4. Lint-free wipes
  5. A finishing solution (alcohol) (not included in Le Mini Macaroon)

We compiled the top-rated gel manicure kits online that can help you create a perfect home-based gel manicure.

Foundation Pro Kit LED Light (Click Here)

Although many at-home gel kits offer small LED or UV lights for convenience, this gel kit includes a larger, more professional lamp that cures each hand at once, saving you time but taking up slightly more storage. It’s ideal for achieving salon-standard results, and includes everything you will need for a gel at-home manicure.

Le Mini Macaroon (Click Here)

Although this nail light only cures one nail at a time, you only need to apply a 3-in-1 gel color, which offers a base, color, and topcoat all at once. This is the perfect kit for traveling as well because of the super cute miniature macaron-shaped lamp.

Sally Hansen Salon Pro Starter Kit (Click Here)

Sally Hansen is a trusted and loved name in the world of nails, so you’re guaranteed that this gel starter kit will be great. This affordable kit includes everything you need to apply a gel color of your choice effortlessly – there are 10 to choose from!

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