The Money Piece Is Summer’s Favored Chunky Highlight

Image via Beyonce’s Instagram

The “money piece” is one of the most requested hair trends in salons right now, thanks in part to the many celebrities who have been rocking the look. Bella Hadid, for example, recently added two thin, two-toned, fire-red strands to her signature chocolate-brown hair, while Dua Lipa added chunky blonde pieces to the top front half of her hair.

For the money piece, face-framing highlights start at the roots and continue to the ends. They can add brightness to any complexion. Put your hair up, and you will look like the sun gave you natural highlights. The level of drama will be determined by the thickness and shade of the highlights.

A New Take on the Iconic ’90s Look

The money piece is a variation of the chunky highlight trend from the ’90s that is making a huge comeback. It’s a more effortless style since it doesn’t require having your whole head highlighted. These 1 to 2 inch chunks can be in primary colors or natural hues to bring attention to any area of the head you want.

Go for the Gold

For getting the tone of your money piece just right, stylists recommend keeping it in the gold family since gold reflects the most light and creates the most lustrous shine. Worried that the highlights will look like you’re wearing a barcode on your head? Ask for a few foilyage pieces on the ends to connect with the chunkier ones.

Try It at Home

If you want to try to DIY, separate out a strand of hair, leaving a 1-inch cushion at the base of the section with the ends free. Then paint or use foil to apply a color of your choice.


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