The Biggest Skincare Myths

There are many myths surrounding skincare, and sometimes it’s hard to tell whether something is good or bad for your skin. Here are some myths that have been debunked by science.

Chemical Exfoliation Can Thin The Skin

There has been a lot of speculation on whether chemical exfoliators, especially AHA, thins out our skin. However, in an experiment, scientists compared the effects of glycolic acid on people with dry and scaly skin. They looked at the changes in skin roughness, thickness, the changes in the dermis of the skin, moisturization, and the amount of collagen.

They used 8% glycolic acid on skin samples with three different pH values. There was a noticeable thinning of the upper, dead part of the skin in pH values. However, the dermis of the skin thickened. Therefore, chemical exfoliants can thin out the surface, but in a beneficial way. The dead part of the skin is thinned, while the healthy part of the skin is boosted and thickened.

You Don’t Have To Wear Sunscreen Inside

If you live somewhere with minimal daylight and you have blinds or curtains that keep the sunlight out of your home or office, you don’t have to wear sunscreen when you are inside.

If you live in a home or office with big windows and you like to let the sun in, it is probably best to wear sunscreen.

AHA Makes Your Skin Photosensitive & Should Be Used At Night

Many people reserve chemical exfoliators for their night-time routine since they believe that their skin will be more sensitive to the sun if they apply it in the morning. However, experts claim that photosensitivity is long-term. Therefore it doesn’t matter whether you use AHA in the morning or at night, your skin will be sensitive to the sun either way. The conclusion is that you should wear sunscreen every day.

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