Six Tips to Stop Your Under-Eye Concealer From Creasing

Gone are the days where we thought thick, full-coverage under-eye concealer was flattering. We don’t spend hours on our makeup just for our eyes to look cakey and creased! Because your under-eye area is the most delicate skin on your face, it needs to be nurtured for your makeup to look flawless. If you struggle with creasing under-eye concealer, it may be time to update your makeup techniques. Here are some tips!

Less Is More

The first thing to change in your makeup routine to stop your concealer from creasing is to use less product. Multiple layers of concealer can lead to product buildup, which can be too heavy for your eyes, resulting in creasing. Nowadays, most medium and full-coverage concealers don’t need to be layered on the skin. Instead, a couple small dots blended under each eye should be more than enough.

Prep the Eyes

Before applying makeup to your face, make sure you have hydrating priming products to keep your concealer fresh and crease-free. This doesn’t mean you need to buy the next fancy eye cream you see; your regular SPF moisturizer can double as an eye cream. An under-eye serum sheet mask can also help give you the TLC your eye area needs.

Rethink Your Placement

Applying under-eye concealer in a triangle shape could explain why it is creasing. This method is popular for getting a full-glam look, but you don’t need concealer everywhere to brighten up your eyes. Instead, notice where your eye naturally creases, which is most likely near your lower lash line. Apply your concealer right under that crease (where your bags are the darkest) and just outside the outer corner of your eye. Avoiding product in the middle of your under eyes will minimize its chance of creasing, and you’ll create a lifted illusion for your makeup.

Lightly Dust With Illuminating Powder

If you have a dry skin type, you likely don’t need to set your concealer with powder. If you have combination-oily skin, use a fluffy sparse brush to apply a finely milled setting powder over your concealer. A finely milled powder should disappear when you tap off any excess product from the brush. This light, airy texture won’t add an unnecessary layer of makeup while helping keep things smooth.

Set and Refresh With Setting Spray

To keep your under-eye concealer in place and touch it up throughout the day, mist a damp makeup sponge with setting spray and use it to dab your under-eye area. This will ensure the setting spray reaches the spot it needs to. Repeating this method throughout the day will instantly revive your under-eye area. The sponge can blend out any product that has seeped its way into your eye creases without adding any extra layers of concealer.

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