Reviewing the Colourpop x Animal Crossing Collection

Image via Colourpop x Animal Crossing Full Makeup Collection Set

Animal Crossing: New Horizons — otherwise known as “how we got through quarantine” — was a 2020 pop culture phenomenon. Colourpop’s ACNH collab has been highly anticipated ever since. If you’re ready to start your new island adventure, you can still purchase the full collection on their website. But which items are worth the hype?

Eye Palettes

The Animal Crossing collection features four different four-pan eye palettes inspired by your favorite ACNH characters:

Island life coordinator, Isabelle, inspires the 5-Star Island palette. Its four shades include Isabelle, a shimmery golden yellow; Island Tune, a peachy matte pink; Island Designer, a sparkly rose; and Resident Rep, a shimmery mauve. It’s easy to see how all of these shades work together — except Isabelle, whose yellow hue doesn’t quite match the theme. (Shop here)

The What-a-Hoot palette is inspired by the game’s owl siblings, Blathers and Celeste. Its shades include Meteor Shower, a glimmering gold; Celestial, a shimmery ochre; All Aflutter, a sparkly bronze; and WHO!, a deep matte red-brown. The palette broke up its shades by the character: Celestial and Meteor Shower nod to Celeste, during All Aflutter and WHO! They are named for Blathers’ catchphrases. Of all the palettes in the collection, this one might be the most versatile. (Shop here)

Labelle of the Ball is inspired by the hedgehog sisters Mabel, Sable, and Label. Being the game’s resident fashionistas, it only makes sense that their palette would be one of the boldest. Its shades include Able Sisters, a sparkly lavender-gray; Tailors Ticket, a shimmery peony purple; Custom Design, a glittery metallic purple-gray; and Serene Sable, a matte royal purple. Given that purple eye shadow is on-trend for spring, this palette is bound to fly off the internet shelves. (Shop here)

Finally, the Nook, Inc. palette pays homage to the game’s family of businesslike raccoons, Tom, Timmy, and Tommy Nook. Confusingly, the palette is green, matching shirts rarely worn by the raccoons in-game. But, it appears to be popular, seeing as it’s the only palette to sell out individually on Colourpop’s website. Its shades include a shimmery aquamarine; Made in the Shade, a glittering grass green; CEO, a sparkly light green; and Water Landing, a deep matte turquoise. (Shop here)

Lip Tints

Colourpop’s Animal Crossing collection also includes three sets of two crayon-style lip tints, inspired by the game’s signature island fruits. These slick, buttery sticks add just enough color and shine to lips without drying them out.

The Fruit Roots duo comes with a bright coral and orangey peach shade; the Pick of the Bunch duo comes with an ochre and maroon shade, and the Fruits Basket duo features a bright cherry and mauve pink. Each of the shades in the collection is named for one of the game’s fruits, yet the shades don’t appear to match their namesakes in any way. For example, “Coconut Juice” is coral, and “Juicy Apple” is pink.

But while they may not be as well-named as the shadow palettes, they’re still trendy: all but the Fruits Basket duo has sold out on Colourpop’s website. However, you can get all three mini tint kits in a set for $36 (shop here).


The collection also features two shades of powder blush, named for the game’s flowers. Given the wide array of hybrid flower species you can collect in-game, it’s a bit disappointing that the flowers only got two shades of blush.

Regardless, both shades are versatile and perfect for spring: Flower Tender is a peachy pink, while Flower Power is a cool bright pink. The shades seem pretty basic — but as attested to by the photos on Colourpop’s website, they look great on a wide range of skin tones. You can still purchase both blush shades individually or as part of the Garden Wagon set for $24. (The Garden Wagon, appropriately, is a piece of furniture that can be crafted in New Horizons.) (Shop here)


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