Nail Art to Try Out in 2022

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Nineties-inspired bold, geometric patterns and bright shades rocked nail art trends 2021 – alongside classic styles like the French manicure. What does 2022 have to offer? We are expecting to see new variations on last year’s favorites. Here are some nail art trends to try out this year.

French Lines

(image via nail pro via @raelondonnails)

In 2021, the French manicure underwent a major transformation. The classic pink hues with white crescents flew under the radar as bold colors stepped into the spotlight. This trend isn’t going anywhere for 2022, but we are seeing another variation: French lines. This style involves a thin line in place of a crescent shape, which is achievable for nail artists of all levels – and very easy to DIY.


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Tied to the French line trend, we predict we’ll be seeing a lot of minimalist nail art mixed in with funky abstract designs. There are not a lot of rules to this category; you just have to keep it simple!

(image via womens elegance)

Negative Space

(image via pop sugar via @betina_goldstein)

Clear is all the rage in eyewear. Cutouts are in tops and dresses on every shelf. Like these fashion trends, nail art will be adopting negative space. In fact, each of the trends shared thus far uses negative space!

(image via the port press via @essie)

(image via where to get via Pinterest)

1970s Swirls

(image via savoir flair via @amberjhnails)

1970s-esque swirls have been popular over the last year and will continue to be trending throughout 2022. To get the look, start with a base color (or apply a topcoat and use that negative space), then swirl your nail brushes at random with a complementing color or two.

(image via chic pursuit via etsy)

Multidimensional Shades

(image via total beauty via @hallebnails)

With nail art bolder than ever, it’s time to amp up the polish we use for more basic manicures. Keep your eyes peeled for pearlescent and velvety shades whose shimmer and shine will take your DIY mani from zero to 10 with minimal effort required.

(image via nail pro via @glazedbyvuvu)

Which of these nail trends will you be trying out first? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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