Keep Your Skin Glowing With These Desktop Humidifiers

Winter gets a bad rep when it comes to our skin, but we can’t just blame one season. Dry skin is a year-round issue for many, and it can be affected by indoor climates, too. Luckily, unlike the outdoors, our home and office environments are much easier to control. If you sit at a desk for a large chunk of the day, a humidifier is the skin savior you need. Check out some desktop-friendly designs that will help keep your skin hydrated and glowing.

H2O Portable Mini Humidifier ($26.99, shop here)

This budget-friendly mini USB humidifier is compact and portable but still packs a punch. It features two mist modes: a continuous spray for six hours and an intermittent spray for 12 hours. It holds 500 ml of water and has a built-in sensor that automatically shuts off when the water is lower than recommended. The humidifier is whisper quiet and emits a soft light that won’t be distracting.

Cactus Desktop Mini Cool Mist Humidifier ($18.99, shop here)

The Cactus humidifier doubles as a decorative item and a bit of faux horticulture for those not blessed with a green thumb. It is USB-powered, and its small size makes it easy to plug into your laptop or power strip. It has a four-hour power-off setting that also automatically shuts down when the water runs out. The humidifier uses advanced ultrasonic mute technology, so there are no noisy distractions.

Pure Enrichment MistAire Cloud Humidifier ($49.99, shop here)

Be a little cheeky and relax with this cloud-shaped humidifier by your side. Why stop at a cloud and fog at your desk when you can have a rainbow? This humidifier lights up with eight rotating colors. The water tank has a 1.8-liter capacity and a large opening that makes it easy to clean. There’s a variable mist-control knob to incrementally adjust the moisture output. On low, the humidifier mists for up to 24 hours; on high, it runs for up to 15 hours. The auto shut-off function prevents safety hazards by turning off the humidifier when water levels are low.

Kumi Stone Diffuser ($49.99, shop here)

If you’re looking for a more aesthetically pleasing addition to your desk, try the Komi Stone Diffuser. Not only does it have a sleek design, but you can also use essential oils with it. Tea tree, lavender, and cedarwood oils can help with skin issues like dryness or acne. Others, like peppermint, citrus, and cinnamon, may help with productivity. Your skin will feel refreshed, and your mind will be ready to tackle your workload! The diffuser has three-hour continuous or seven-hour interval settings. An optional warm light adds some ambiance.

Vitruvi Move Cordless Diffuser ($179, shop here)

You have more than enough wires on your desk, so why add another? This cordless diffuser has a simple, compact design that uses a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery to power it (four continuous hours or eight hours on an intermittent run). Charge the diffuser by placing it on its charging pad or connecting via the USB-C cord. The Move also has an optional LED light with a warm candlelike glow. After filling the water tank, add 15-25 drops of essential oil and prepare to bask in aromatic bliss.

If you still need an extra boost of hydration to your skin, try these jelly masks to nourish your complexion.


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