How to Wear Blush for Your Face Shape

Blush has beat out the contouring trends of 2016, becoming the latest makeup hack for creating a healthy, youthful flush that enhances your beauty. Here are some tips for wearing blush according to your face shape.

Contouring With Blush

The ‘80s trend of using blush to contour has made a comeback, thanks in part to TikTok beauty gurus. In its prime, the look consisted of highly pigmented pink shades blended upward from the cheekbones to the outer eyes (much like we use contour today). A modern, more twist on this look consists of a range of shades – not just bright pink.

Blush by Face Shape

To determine how to best wear blush for your face, you first need to identify your face shape.


An oval-shaped face has prominent cheekbones and a forehead that is wider than the chin. While other shapes benefit from applying blush in the hollows below the bone and blending outwards, oval-shaped faces should concentrate blush on top of the cheekbone in a round shape to give the appearance of height.


Heart-shaped faces have wider foreheads, high cheekbones, and narrow chins. To help soften sharp edges, apply blush to the very outer corners of the cheekbones and blend toward the outer corners of the eyes. A dab of blush applied to the temples can also minimize the width of the forehead.


For square-shaped faces, the forehead is typically the same width as the chin and cheekbones.

To define cheeks and soften edges, apply a smidge of blush to the hairline and plenty just below the cheekbone.


Round faces are nearly equal in length and width. To apply blush, sweep it across the cheekbone, starting at the ear and stopping near the mouth. A bit on the chin can also create the illusion of length.


Oblong faces are longer than wide, with equal width across the jaw, cheekbones, and forehead. Blush should never extend too far down; start just below the outer corner of each eye and sweep downward, stopping before the tip of the nose to shorten features. Plenty of blending will make this look more natural.


Triangular faces tend to have narrow, pointy chins and prominent high cheekbones. To achieve a better balance between the forehead and the cheekbones and chin, sweep blush up the cheekbone to the temple, then lightly extend over each brow.

No matter the shape of your face, proper blush application can enhance your best features!

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