How to Make Your Lipstick Last

Isn’t it frustrating when you spend time perfecting your makeup only to have your lipstick disappear within minutes? We feel you. And while it is wise to bring your lip products on the go, who wants to be reapplying all the time? So, how can you avoid lipstick from smearing, transferring, or fading? Follow these tips to ensure your lip color stays intact longer.

Prep Your Lips

Like your face makeup, your lips need to be prepped before applying lipstick. So take the time to show your lips some TLC by gently exfoliating them. This will ensure you have a smooth canvas to work on without any flaky or crusty pieces of skin.


Dry lips and lipstick are a combination that can lead to disaster. Whether you love to incorporate lip masks into your skincare routine or apply a nourishing lip balm daily, both will help create a beautiful base for your lip color.

Opt for Neutrals

Neutral shades are the most ideal when it comes to long-wearing lip color. They are also much more manageable and accessible to touch up throughout the day. Plus, even if your lipstick does get messed up, it won’t be as noticeable.

Line & Fill

Use a long-wearing lip pencil to line your lips to your desire. Then, take your lip pencil and fill in the entire area of your lips. This will create the first line of defense for long-lasting lip color, creating a base shade that can prolong the wear of your other lip products. In addition, filling your lips entirely can help add dimension.

Matte Lipstick or Liquid Lipstick

Now it’s time to choose the star of the show. The two most ideal lipstick formulas for long-lasting lips are matte and liquid. Matte lipsticks have the most wear, and they can leave you with a velvety finish. Liquid lipsticks are also matte, but the formula dries down. The downside of liquid lipstick is that it can be overly drying and crusty.

Add Additional Lip Color

This step is optional: You can add cream or hydrating lipstick on top of your matte lip product to boost hydration or add an extra layer of pigment.

Avoid Gloss

If you want a long-lasting lip, avoid using gloss, which can quickly move from your lips to other products. If you can’t live without a glossy lip, follow the steps above to ensure your gloss can be as long-lasting as possible. You can also opt for a colorful gloss that adds an extra level of pigment – just make sure it doesn’t leave a sticky or filmy residue behind.

Set It & Forget It

Finally, just like you can set the rest of your makeup, you can set your lips. Just lightly place a tissue over the lips, then scoop up a small amount of translucent powder with a brush and gently pat it over the tissue. Now your lips are set and ready to last all night long!

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