How To Apply Blush Like A Pro

When it comes to applying makeup, there are a few products that can be intimidating. Blush, for rookies, can be one of the most daunting beauty essentials – and thats why many shy away from blush and opt for a more sun-kissed look with bronzer – mostly because it’s an easy way to get some color. However, if you know how to apply blush properly, it can turn your complexion from colorless to a vibrant, youthful glow.

Perking up your cheeks with a bit of blush can flatter all your features, and there are multiple ways to apply blush to suit your complexion best.

What Blush Product Is Right For Me?

There are three popular formulas to choose from that all perform differently – powder blush, creme, and liquid.

A Tip For Beginners: If you are unsure what shade to choose, opt for one that has Peach tones. Peach is a universally flattering shade that will look good on all skin tones.

Powder Blush

Powder Blush is the type of blush that most people are familiar with. Some can be more pigmented than others, so a little goes a long way. However, when used correctly with high-quality ingredients, powder blush can be your best friend. It’s perfect for anyone who has oily skin because it helps matte the skin. A great way to use powder blush is to layer it on top of a cream or liquid foundation. This layering gives long-lasting pigmentation.

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Cream Blush

Cream Blush is a great option for people who want to experiment with blush without overdoing it. Cream blushes create the most natural finish and they blend easier into the skin.

It pairs well with other cream and liquid products and you can layer powders over them. Mix them to create your custom shade. If you go overboard with cream blush, pat over the area with your foundation brush to reduce the intensity. It also helps get that seamless blend you are trying to achieve.

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Liquid Blush

Liquid Blushes can be the most intimidating. They are runny, pigmented, and difficult to apply if you are new to applying blush. Perfect for dry skin, liquids can be revitalizing, lightweight and still provide pigmentation. Apply a dime-size amount to the back of the hand and pick it up with a beauty sponge; this allows you to control how much product you will apply and where.

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Where Should You Apply Blush?

There are various places on the face you can apply blush. Your desired look will determine where you should apply the blush.

On The Apples of The Cheeks

When we think of applying blush, we usually use the tried and true method of smiling at ourselves in the mirror and applying where our cheeks pop. There is nothing wrong with this method. It can highlight our cheeks and give us a flirty, luminous look.

On The Cheekbones

It’s possible to achieve a face-lifting appearance by only using makeup. That’s where applying blush on your cheekbones comes in. To achieve a sculpted and lifted face, apply the blush where you normally would apply highlighter. Start at the corners of your cheekbones to the apples of your cheeks.

Apply your contour and right on top of it apply the blush to the cheekbones. Top it off with a highlighter to create a lifted look.

The Cheeks and More

The beauty of blush is that it’s not meant strictly for the cheeks. One of the biggest trends we are seeing in beauty this year is blush and eyeshadow blending. Blending out eyeshadow with blush can create a multidimensional look.

A monochromatic makeup look with blush is also a flattering choice. With cream blushes, you can use blush as eyeshadow, lipstick, or bronzer. The possibilities, with your creativity, are endless!

When In Doubt, Use This Blush Application Chart!

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