Get Perfectly Sun-Kissed Skin With This DIY Bronzer Recipe

Even though it’s summertime, some of us still feel like we are lacking a bit of that sun-kissed glow. If that’s the case for you, it’s time to break out the bronzer and transform yourself into the golden goddess you yearn to be — without breaking the bank! 

Why not try something a little different with your bronzer this year, like, say, making your own? This DIY bronzer is natural, flattering and it smells amazing. It also has a grand total of…wait for it…TWO ingredients. That means it’s not just easy to make — it’s healthy for your skin and costs next to nothing. When you consider that store-bought bronzers often cost between $20 to $40, that’s substantial money saving that can be applied to poolside cocktails.

Here’s how to make DIY bronzer at home:



  • 1 tsp arrowroot powder (available at many grocery stores and natural markets)
  • 1 tsp cocoa powder (regular ol’ baking cocoa works just fine)


  1. Slowly mix the cocoa powder into the arrowroot powder, little by little, until it darkens to your desired shade of bronze.
  2. Test the mixture on the inside of your wrist to see how it looks on your skin tone. Depending on your skin tone and how dark you like your bronzer, you might use all of the cocoa powder, or you might want to withhold some, or add a little extra. Have fun with it! Experiment with the ratio until you find a shade that’s right for you.
  3. Store your DIY bronzer in a small jar or an empty makeup container. Apply with a large blush brush.

Tip:  Sometimes the cocoa and arrowroot powder will separate slightly, so shake it up before each use.

It’s easy to overdo it with many loose powder bronzers, so be sure to tap your brush a couple times to shake out the excess before applying it. The color is buildable, so start with less than you think you need and put on more until you look perfectly sun-kissed.

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