Enhance Valentine’ Day Romance with Beauty Ideas

Valentine’s Day is all about the unapologetically romantic spirit of the holiday. Whether getting ready for a glamorous date out on the town or a cozy dinner for two at home, you want to feel and look your best. A special look that enhances your best self can express the sweetness of the moment. Here are some beauty ideas you’ll love long after the V-Day celebration ends.

Love-Inspired Nail Art

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for love-inspired nail art such as hearts, glitter or shades of red and pink. Manicures can range from ultra-girly to edgy and from artsy to easy depending on your mood.

Start with a manicure in the holiday’s basic color scheme of pink and red and add an accent nail in a shade of milk chocolate for a subtle nod to that heart-shaped box of candy. Let all that Valentine’s Day candy continue as your inspiration and create a “sugar powder” effect. Layer a coat of the granules over a cream polish base and top the confection off with a clear coat of polish.

Give the classic Valentine’s Day floral motif a fresh spin by lining pink and red rose decals to one side of the nail for a rose border.

If pink is not your favorite nail color, go for the French manicure classic design that’s enjoying a revival for inspiration. Paint the whole tip or just half with pink instead of white. If you’re an experienced nail artist, compose your flowers and roses into a stained-glass manicure.

Last-Minute Skin Glow

If you have five days before your V-Day date, focus on cleansing for the biggest skin improvement in a short time. Ideally use a steamer and really massage in the cleanser. The result will leave skin ultra-clean and bright. Exfoliate before using skincare containing hyaluronic acid so it can penetrate the skin properly. This makes the skin look plump and dewy.

If you haven’t had time for a facial before the Big Day, try a clay mask before your date to make your skin look really clean and fresh. A hydrating facial sheet mask will leave your skin healthy, glowing and refreshed so that makeup goes on like magic. Take 15 minutes to massage over the mask and work the formula into the skin. Massage up and out to lift the face.

Chilling the sheet mask in the refrigerator will help get rid of puffiness as well as using a drugstore ice pack or a chilled face roller.

Makeup for V-Day Glamour

Use makeup for some subtle but effective touches. Apply foundation and buff it out with a brush to make it a little lighter, then finish with powder applied with a small brush only where needed and not on the high points of the face.

Elongating your brows and your eyeliner will create glamour and also makes your nose look smaller. Use liner on the top lid only; applying liner on the lower lashes closes up the eyes.

Creating a winged liner will transform your face. Take the liner down a little lower before doing an up-flick to give your eye a beautiful almond shape. Adding the more natural three-corner false lashes will lift your look. Finally, apply concealer for a perfected finish.

Romancing the Hair

Paying attention to the smallest details will elevate the everyday hairstyle from the ordinary pony to the extraordinary pony. Make sure you leave no brush marks when the hair’s pulled back. Make sure the part is really clean and lower it an extra inch to add more drama. Apply hair spray or wax to a toothbrush that you won’t be using again and use it to tame down fly-aways along the part, hairline and around the ears.


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