7 Celebs on Their Favorite Green Beauty Items

While celebrities opt for high-tech treatments once in a while, plenty of them also swear by natural, green products to keep their glow. The following nine celebrities share their favorites in the natural beauty space.

Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler believes in the power of detox and healthy skin from the natural products you can find in your home. In April 2013 she told Into The Gloss:

“I think that exfoliation is the key to beautiful skin, I really do … [it makes] you glow and gets your blood flowing. Your skin is your biggest organ. I take a couple of baths a week where I use a whole box of Epsom salts and either a bottle of hydrogen peroxide or a packet of baking soda. It makes you sweat all of the toxins out and all of the bad stuff. I learned about it from a hippie-natural-amazing pediatrician, actually, for when kids get sick.”

Shailene Woodley

Actress Shailene Woodley told Into The Gloss:

“I love a natural way to heal. You can do something called ‘oil pulling’ where you swish coconut or sesame oil in your mouth when you wake up and spit it out. It’s amazing! It really makes your teeth whiter. On my skin, I keep everything very natural, too. I use Sea Buckthorn from Living Libations to take my makeup off at night and to moisturize my face. [The company uses] the highest-integrity products that I have ever found. Everything is next-level, beyond pure. They source essential oils and all of their ingredients from small farmers who are treated well.”

Miranda Kerr

The supermodel opts to use her natural line KORA for her natural beauty needs. In a Vanity Fair interview, she mentions, “I searched for years to find products that were free of harmful chemicals but also delivered results. When I was unable to find anything on the market that delivered what I was looking for — for my skincare — I decided to create my own range.”

Jessica Alba 

It seems we’re on a roll with famous people creating their own product lines. Jessica also owns her own beauty and makeup line Honest Beauty. She explained to Elle magazine she “never found a brand that could create that glowing look and flawless finish we all want from beauty products with ingredients that were effective and safe. So I had to create it.”

Gwyneth Paltrow

Obviously, we have to include the queen of GOOP when speaking of natural and organic beauty. She told W magazine, “Women should have the right to use beauty products that aren’t harmful in any way. But they must also work in front of the camera and on the red carpet…If you are committed to clean beauty, it can be done. It’s expensive and time consuming and a pain in the ass, but it can be done.”

Natalie Portman

The actress is a famous proponent of a clean, vegan diet and lifestyle, crediting it for her flawless complexion. She also talked to InStyle magazine about her favorite clean beauty product Pai: “[Pai is] this organic British brand makes great moisturizers. They’re really clean and free of all the bad chemicals — plus, they smell fantastic.”

Jennifer Aniston

This woman doesn’t seem to age! Obviously, we’re all interested in how she keeps herself looking timeless. She revealed one of her anti-aging secrets to Marie Claire UK, saying“I think if you take care of your skin and you eat well, I think aging is amazing because you gain wisdom for every year lived.” She added, “I have whipped up an avocado mask with egg whites.”

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