5 Must-Have Eyeshadow Brushes for Beginners

If you’re new to the makeup world and you don’t know where to start with your collection, these five must-have MAC makeup brushes are the best tools for any beginner.

Flat shader brush

The flat shader brush (or flat shaded brush) usually comes in a square shape with dense bristles and a slightly domed part, making it the perfect brush to achieve an intense eyeshadow look with excellent definition. This brush picks up a lot of product to help define and deepen the color on the eyelids. Try using it to smudge some of the eyeshadow on the lower lash line, too.

If you’re looking to buy one, the MAC 239 Synthetic Eye Shader Brush is, without a doubt, one of the best shader brushes on the market.

Stiff dome brush

The stiff dome-shaped brush has a round top and soft bristles to help you easily apply darker tones on your eyelids and crease. It’s the perfect eyeshadow brush for a smokey eye look or a more in-depth look in general. The MAC 217 Synthetic Blending Brush is a makeup artist favorite.

Tapered blending brush

This brush has soft and light bristles to help blend any product and any color seamlessly. It’s perfect for softening up any harsh lines, blending colors, and creating a softer look.

Surprisingly, this brush is also perfect for applying highlighter on your cheeks or brow bone and doubles up as a concealer brush. A 3-in-1 situation! The MAC 224 Synthetic Tapered Blending Brush belongs in your makeup drawer if you’re looking for a new blending brush.

Pencil brush

If you’re looking for a precision brush to apply eyeshadow on your lash line, the pencil brush is the solution. It has much shorter and denser bristles than the other brushes, with a pointy end almost like a pencil, hence the name. A favorite is the MAC 219 Synthetic Pencil Brush.

Angled eyeliner brush

The angled liner brush is probably the most popular for its versatile design. It’s a great tool to achieve (and perfect) a thin or thick cat eye with a very precise application. Try using the MAC 263 Synthetic Small Angle Brush.

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